the finger and 10 pounds of tomatoes

Vacation‘s over, and I’m back to the grind. Which in my case involves the violin and vegetables.

My CSA haul of this week featured 10 pounds of tomatoes. 10 freakin’ pounds. I’ve never had that many tomatoes before. There are quite a range of types, including some heirloom varieties, and I took a photo to document their pretty tomato-ness. (I didn’t arrange my tomatoes as artfully as jenny’s WTVG display, though.)


The most creative I have gotten with the tomatoes so far is to slice up a bunch of the little yellow ones on a plate, and pour some bottled salad dressing over them. (It was decent salad dressing, at least. Some sesame and lime stuff.) I even ate a tomato whole and plain, like an apple, while still at the farm. I’d forgotten to bring along a snack for Phoebe for the trip down to pick up the veggies, and her temper indicated hunger. I hoped we could snack on a nice fresh tomato, but while she was willing to taste it, she was not willing to ingest more than a bite. So I ate the whole tomato myself, sitting in the car, with a cranky toddler on my lap. So perhaps that was a more creative tomato experience than the slices on a plate.

The violin lesson yesterday was a mixed bag, too. I had not actually even opened my violin case since the previous lesson, 3 weeks before. Considering this, I played not too horribly. The first song came through moderately well. The second, on the other hand, led to a discussion of how my hand position needs adjusting and how I tend to overshoot the fourth finger position. I’m convinced that at least part of the problem is the way my little finger bends. I can’t move my damn pinkies smoothly. They sort of jerk and pop, and my muscle control is poor. I feel like I need to develop a workout routine for my pinky to build up its strength and dexterity. (I’m envisioning something set to the Rocky theme song.)

8 thoughts on “the finger and 10 pounds of tomatoes

  1. mmm…tomatoes. i’ve got some homegrown one here that my friend phil grew. not 10 lbs, but a lot. your tomoato booty sounds perfect for tomato salad. i actually really like homegrown/fresh tomatoes sliced with salt and pepper and butter on pumpernickel. and of course, there’s gazpacho.

  2. Oh, yum. They look SO good.

    And the finger thing. I remember feeling that way about my ring finger when I was taking piano lessons. I had so little control over it.

    Now I’ve got the theme song in my head…

  3. jen-
    I will consider gazpacho.

    Tomato salad sounds tasty. And I had a tomato sandwich this afternoon, but on ordinary multigrain toast. And I am seriously considering gazpacho. But I need a lemon.

    Mmm, bruschetta. That sounds yummy.

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one with uncooperative digits. Did you work out a training regimen for your finger?

    Canning? No can do. (That is to say, I am not experienced in the mysteries of canning.)

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