Don’t they know what’s going to happen?

The news has come out that scientists will soon be combining animal and human DNA. This Washington Post article gives a rundown:

Britain to Allow Creation of Hybrid Embryos

Capping a months-long scientific and ethics review, British regulators said yesterday that they are prepared to allow the creation of embryos that are part human and part animal for use in medical experiments.

We all know how this is going to play out. Scientists will create these hybrids for good, but then they’ll turn evil. It’s only a matter of time before we start hearing about crazed half-cow, half-humans going on murderous flesh-eating rampages, or plotting the destruction of human civilization. Just look at the background research:

Movies where scientists conduct experiments involving blending humans with animals, which go horribly wrong

  1. The Island of Dr. Moreau (1977) and (1996), Island of Lost Souls (1933), based on the H. G. Wells book. A scientist creates hybrids with humans and various animals. Who turn evil!
  2. Dr. Renault’s Secret (1942)
    A scientist turns an ape into a man. But then he turns evil!
  3. Ssssss (1973)
    A movie involving turning people into snakes. Who turn evil!
  4. The Fly (1958) and (1986)
    A scientist accidently blends himself with a fly. Then turns evil!
  5. fly_labcoat2.jpg

  6. Creature Unknown (2003)
    A scientist makes a lizard/human hybrid. That turns evil!
  7. Hammerhead: Shark Frenzy (2005)

    When he began fusing human and shark DNA, his colleagues laughed at him. Now his creation is taking his revenge, and they aren’t laughing anymore.

  8. Tank Girl (1995)
    This movie features the Rippers: human-kangaroo hybrids. Created by scientists as fighting machines, they…turn good! And fight the bad guys. So, if we’re lucky, the British scientists will work mostly with kangaroo DNA.


11 thoughts on “Don’t they know what’s going to happen?

  1. yeah, but from what i remember, tank girl had awesome sex with bugga. and he was played by jeff kober, who of course is hotness itself, even in a padded kangaroo suit.

  2. BRITAIN is doing this? The country that brought us boiled meat and evil dentistry? It was just a matter of time, wasn’t it?

  3. I was sure I could dredge up an old Dr. Who episode with a hybrid turned evil, but upon looking through the episode guide nothing leaped out at me, so to speak. I did, however, find an episode description which reads: “A big squid holds the secret to the Key to Time.” Definitely worth checking out.

  4. bc4-
    That’s another mark in favor of the kangaroo DNA, I guess.

    Yes, Britain. Land of boiled meat. So I understand. What will they think of next?

    I can see how the squid episode would leap out at you. I’m intrigued.

  5. Oh, so a few bovine-hominid chimeras go on a murderous rampage — don’t blame all the bovine-hominid chimeras on a few bad apples (or is that porcine-apple chimeras?).

    Great post.

  6. Let that be a lesson to us. Except that I’m pretty sure that kangaroos are highly volatile, very dangerous creatures. I remember doing a project on kangaroos in Grade 4 when I learned the meaning of the word, disembowel. As in, “When cornered, a kangaroo can disembowel a large dog.” Gulp.

    And the porcine-apple chimeras. Been done. I’m sure of it. Some scientist somewhere surely tried this in an effort to make apples less vulnerable to rot. And more vulnerable to trichanosis.

    Okay…perhaps I shouldn’t comment when drop-dead exhausted.

  7. Sage-
    Huh. I guess we should worry about the kangaroo hybrids too, then. In Tank Girl, they did disembowel people. But they were bad guys getting disemboweled.

    And you should absolutely comment when drop-dead exhausted!

  8. personally I believe that this is not only cool and interesting but very, very smart! if we can or will combine human and animal DNA we can perform scientific miracles! If we could create a human with fish eyes or fish like eyes blind people will able to see again! and if someones eye gets damaged or severely injured it will regenerate! because fish eyes can do that! and not only that but people could get better hearts if they had a bad heart like they could get a heart as strong as a horse or if someone wanted to be special and cool looking then they could be awesome! personally I think ( no offense) but I don’t think people just turn evil only because they are different, look different or have different genetic material! it’s like saying a black or asian guy is evil only because his genetics are different or it’s like saying a girl or a guy is evil only because their genetics are different! So in my opinion I not only think someone will not turn evil only for being part animal and part human but instead kind and friendly. of course they can be evil or turn evil but it’s their choice to be evil or good! If you say someone is automatically evil it’s like a convict saying he killed someone because the devil told him to or his nature made him do it! therefore I believe it’s good and cool they are doing this! in fact I want to be a part of this project if I decide to be a genetic scientist! almost all my life I fantasized and imagined me creating a werewolf or a human that could gradually or slowly become a werewolf through genetic process! I imagined getting a stem cell ( which is a blank cell with no genetic info on it) and combining a animal cell to it and adding animal hormones to it. I also had a theory of using someone with junk DNA and combining it with animal DNA! Junk DNA is DNA of a human that has some sort of disorder that causes it to borrow somebody else DNA, genetic info, and other things that makes the person who or what the person is! a lot of people into drinking blood and eating certain proteins say they feel energized, see visions and expierences that the person had! so yeah it’s cool and definatelly not an evil project! the people who says it’s against the laws of nature than think about this… Jesus resurected from the dead ( for the people who believe in Jesus) well people are being brought back from the dead all the time through heart transplants , electric shock and CPR! and not only that but every living thing is the same! No matter what species! because all living things need water and food! All living things are alive, all living things have something in common and we all have something in common… that’s life! thank you for reading! I hope this encourages and helps the British scientists to full fill this project, succeed and create a half man and half animal being! if they create this I will be very thank full and glad people are helping other people to help blind people and ect.! peace out!

  9. I will be here tomorrow please leave something to say and please let it be kind and not offensive! if your opinion is different please let it be mature, kind and gentle. not only you should do this for maturity reasons and to be kind but also because I or someone will report you to the moderator! thank you! peace out!

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