tomato_eggs2.jpgI head to the farm for my next load of vegetables tomorrow, and I fear I may be buried in tomatoes. For some reason or another, I’ve been having trouble keeping up with them. It could be that I’ve received 30 pounds of tomatoes in the past 3 weeks, and that I’m pretty much the only one in the house who eats them. I do love tomatoes, but I seem to have my limits. There were even a couple of days when I didn’t eat any tomatoes. Tonight, if I can get myself motivated enough, I plan to roast up a bunch of the smaller tomatoes with garlic, for some sort of sauce, which I’ll then freeze. I also haven’t managed to cook up my pretty eggplants, and I’l be sad if they get demoted to compost. But I’m a bit wiped out to start cooking.

I just got Phoebe off to bed, an hour and a half late. Phoebe and I went on an excursion to meet a friend, involving visiting a playground, and then dinner out. We didn’t get home until almost 8:00. Yes, I realize that in a previous life, 8:00 would be time to go out, not late to get home. But, you see, Phoebe’s bed time is 7:30. I can never quite figure out how to fit things together without messing up Phoebe’s schedule when we go out. She naps right smack in the middle of the day, from about 12:30 or 1:00 to around 2:00 or 2:30. I hate to have Phoebe miss a nap (for many, many reasons), and while she will sometimes sleep in the car, it results in a 20 to 30 minute nap instead of the usual 1 to 2 hours. So we often try to wait till after the nap to go out. But that almost invariably leads to a later bedtime. Arg. It’s worth it to get out of the house, though, I suppose.

John has just left this afternoon for a short trip to the west coast for some business, which means I get to do the solo parenting thing for a couple days. I’m cheating a bit by having Phoebe go to daycare an extra day. I have my violin lesson tomorrow, and John usually stays with Phoebe when I go to that. My other options were to cancel my lesson, or bring Phoebe (an event which I can envision, but which would likely result in a less than ideal learning experience). I opted for a fourth day of daycare, rather than switching a day. Because since John will be away, my working time will be otherwise reduced. And I’ve had a very productive past couple of weeks, and want to keep rolling with that.


10 thoughts on “to(o)ma(ny)to(matoes)

  1. The photos are funny…tomato masquerading as eggs?

    I have a recipe somewhere for eggs baked in hollowed out tomatoes – I love the idea of it, until I remember that I don’t really like soft cooked eggs.

  2. Joles has the same exact sleep pattern. And she doesn’t nap well in the car. It usually means a grumpy, tired child on Monday when the routine takes over again, but it is a hassle this sleep thing.

  3. enkerli-
    I accept your virtual hug, and I will send you some virtual tomatoes.

    Thanks for noticing the photos. The egg carton was a handy place to store some of those little guys, and it gave me ideas. (I hadn’t actually thought of cooking eggs in tomatoes, though.)

    Do they get hard when they’re boiled, then? I’m imagining soup…

    Yeah, the sleep schedule is a harsh mistress. Or the kiddo is a cranky toddler.

    Well, I usually only have between 5 and 15 pounds at a time. And I’m afraid I’m pretty clueless about canning. Not to mention unequipped.

    2 Witches-
    No, no dehydrator. But that would be a good idea. Maybe it’s something I’ll look into next summer, especially if I do this CSA business again. And I could do fruit, too. I love the idea of dried peaches.

    I’ll pop some into a padded envelope for you right away!

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