3 butterflies

Here are 3 butterflies I’ve encountered in the last 3 years.¹

Butterfly in the butterfly garden at the Boston Museum of Science, Boston, MA. June, 2010.

Butterfly on a window, in The Butterfly Pavilion outside Denver, CO. April, 2011.

In the wild on the grounds of the De Cordova Museum, Lincoln, MA. August, 2012.

¹ I don’t come across butterflies in the wild nearly as often as YTSL of Webs of Significance, whose photos of her hikes around Hong Kong regularly include butterflies (among her other critter sightings).²
² I looked back at my photos from the hike we had together when I visited Hong Kong in August of 2011, but it would seem that I found no butterflies that day!

12 thoughts on “3 butterflies

  1. These are excellent photographs of creatures that would be very beautiful if they just didn’t have quite so many legs…
    (I am an arthropodophobe. (That’s probably not a word.))

    1. Sorry, Sally! I didn’t know you had this issue. (My butterflies of yesterday had no legs.) Should I give you a warning when I am going to post more multi-legged creatures? (Because I do have quite a few such photos…)

      1. No, don’t be silly! I can handle it. These are only *photos* of many-legged-creatures. They are not moving, and they are not actually near me. So I should be okay! As irrational as this phobia is, I am sufficiently rational to know that I can glance briefly at these with no danger. I don’t even think they will give me nightmares.

  2. Hi Alejna —

    I looked at my photos from that day of hiking and couldn’t find any of butterflies either! If memory serves me right, we did see some butterflies — it’s just that none of them were nice enough to pause and pose for us! ;)

    1. Glad you looked, too, YTSL! I did kinda remember seeing some, but thought that my memory was faulty, and perhaps being fed by seeing photos from your other hikes. But I think you are right that we saw butterflies, but not cooperative ones.

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