cereal: it’s what’s for dinner

Alejna’s Busy Day Bistro


Corn on the Couch
A paper bag filled with freshly popped kernels of corn. Skillfully microwaved, and usually not burned. Available with butter-like flavor or “natural” flavoring. Served on the sofa.

Lowering the Bar
A protein bar, grabbed out of cabinet. Eaten while driving to catch the train, or while otherwise multi-tasking. Hasty unwrapping leads to bits of chocolatey coating to be found stuck to clothing, providing a treat for later.


Early Bird’s Special K
A bowl of cereal, eaten at the kitchen table.

Life is a Bowl of Cheerios
A bowl of cereal, eaten while standing in the kitchen.

Variety of Life
A bowl of cereal, regular or cinnamon flavored, eaten while sitting on the kitchen floor.

Multi-grain Pillows
A bowl of cereal, eaten while slouched on the sofa cushions.

Chef’s Gourmet Specials Tired

Cheddar Broccoli Pot Pie
Tender broccoli, carrots and potatoes in a rich, savory cheese sauce baked in a hearty whole wheat crust. Baked Fresh Daily.Purchased from grocery store, removed from freezer. Box opened, pie microwaved on high for 5 minutes.

Harvest Medley
Portobello mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and fresh asparagus in a garlic cream sauce a box of crackers served on a bed of house-made linguini, and garnished with micro arugula.

Napoleon de Goober
Alternating layers of sliced bread, ground peanut spread, and orchard fruit preserves. Cut in half and served with a fresh fruit garnish.


October’s Bounty
A bag of miniature chocolate bars, purchased in advance for Halloween, hidden carefully at the back of the cabinets behind the dried beans. Eaten 1 or 2 3 or 4 at a time throughout the day, bag replaced in hiding place. Repeated until bag is empty.

Frozen Guilt
Pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Half-cup serving size presented in bowl, and served at dining room table. Once this is finished, the rest of the pint is eaten directly out of the container while sitting on the couch.


This week’s Monday Mission placed orders for posts written in the form of a menu. Please note that I don’t always eat this way. But, well, there are days when the farm-fresh vegetables stay in the refrigerator.

11 thoughts on “cereal: it’s what’s for dinner

  1. Ha! Love it!

    Though on days like these at casa az it’s more likely to be lots of microwave popcorn and grilled cheese sandwiches … then fuck it and go out for tapas in the evening.

    I don’t do desserts, so Nog has to be satisfied with packaged flans, rice puddings and profiteroles from the supermarket.

    But these days I’m trying to be good and so I make up a couple of massive concoctions on Monday mornings – like, a bolognese sauce and a curry – that we can enjoy whenever we feel like it during the week. Oh, and the occasional salad is tossed in there too. Vitamins … you know?

  2. I’m totally the microwave popcorn and snacking on halloween candy without any pretenses that I bought it for children ho.

  3. flying-
    Thanks, and thanks for hosting the MMs. (mmmm, M&Ms…)

    Why, have you had the Napoleon de Goober before? They are an old family recipe.

    Ah, I wish it were so easy for us to go for tapas. (And I also try to cook up batches of food to last multiple meals. Haven’t done many curries lately, though.)

    Have a seat on the couch, then. But we’ll have to get more than one pint.

    It’s good to be honest with yourself. But do those poor trick-or-treating kiddos get candy from you?

    I guess it’s a shared tradition.

    Thanks. It always feels great to be patronized.

    Yes, but there is some risk of crumbs in the bed.

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