still off my feed

I mentioned before that my feed reader¹ has gone all wonky. I use Safari to bookmark my RSS feeds, for blogs and news. I even added my Facebook friends’ status updates. It showed all my unread counts on the bookmark bar of my browser window, organized into folders according to my own nefarious purposes. I could even access the feeds offline.

It was working really well for a long time, maybe even 2 years. Until last month or so when I was travelling. I don’t know if I just overtaxed things with the accumulation of unread items or what. (There seems to be something going on with an application called “PubSubAgent,” which keeps hogging all my CPU.)

Anyhow, largely because of this, I haven’t gotten back in the swing of reading. I’ve been trying to visit people who leave comments, and trying to work my way around the blogroll listed in my sidebar, but my blogroll is actually a bit out of date. Plus I haven’t been doing a good job of keeping track of which blogs I’ve visited recently.

Clearly, I need to update my system (as well as my blogroll²).

Before I go transferring all my 150+ feeds over somewhere else, I’d love to hear how other people go about reading blogs. Do you use a feed reader? If so, which one? Do you like it? I have the impression that Google Reader is the most popular these days. I’ve tried Bloglines, but it didn’t thrill me.

So, here’s a poll:

Beyond that, are there any systems you have tried and hated? Want to try? For that matter, how many blogs do you read regularly?


¹ In case you don’t know what a feed reader is, it’s a way of consolidating articles and posts so you can read without going directly to the sites that publish them. They have the advantage of helping you keep tabs on which sites have new content.

² If you are not on my blogroll, and would like to be, let me know!³

³ If you are on my blogroll, and would like not to be…bite me. Or, um, let me know, too.

It's RSS, baby!
It's RSS, baby!

23 thoughts on “still off my feed

  1. i use google reader – i like that it lives on the web, so no matter what computer i might be at, i can get to it. i used to use bloglines, but i switched to reader mostly because there was also an iphone app (i.e. one more way to access the feeds). and, i read too many blogs.

    1. Interesting point. I’m pretty much always on the same computer, though. And still no iPhone.

      How many blogs is too many, by the way? (Or, how many do you read?)

  2. I use Google Reader. It has some quirks – like some blog entries won’t show up in their entirety – but overall, I love it.

    My old blog is on your blogroll, but my new one isn’t. I still haven’t fixed up my new blog at all.

  3. I used to use Safari RSS, but it would get wonky on a regular basis, and it bugged me to see the unread number on my bookmark bar. Now I use Google Reader.

    1. You know, I actually like having the unreads in my bookmark bar. It lets me see when something new pops up. Of course, when I get behind, it just taunts me constantly…

  4. I remember the olden days of blog reading, I kept everyone in my favorites menu and click through to each one every day! Crazy. Then it evolved to using my own sidebar links when my favorites were somehow wiped out, and finally to Google Reader.

    1. John still reads blogs that way, with bookmarks. But he has a fairly static number of them.

      My trouble is that I never have time to visit all the blogs I read in one day, so I lose track without the feeds.

  5. I’m a fan of google reader. I got slack with my firefox drop down menu, and now I can keep up with you again!

    Now if I could only keep up with writing my own darn blog.

  6. I’ve become so lazy with my Reader, catching up maybe once a week and even then I’m never through about it. I fear I’m trailing off with this old bloggy habit.

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