Who’s with me?

Because I am certifiable, I have signed on to NaBloPoMo. Don’t worry, it’s not a cult. (At least I don’t think so.¹) November is National Blog Posting Month. It involves commitment to posting every day for the whole month. That’s 30 days in a row.

The NaBloPoMo website lets members² make groups. To hang out. Like in cliques, I guess. Lots of people have started regional-based groups, like New England Bloggers³, Tennessee Bloggers, or Blogs from Europe.

Many others have created groups reflecting special interests. And perhaps some are especially interesting. Such as bikers, or brides or pregnant bloggers. Or pregant biker bride bloggers. Or knitters. Or (judging by their limited enrollment⁴ so far) even more specialized special interests, including Bichon bloggers and Kevin Spacey Bloggers.

I found myself with an urge to join a bunch of groups. Just because. And what’s more, I had the urge to start my own group: The Ministry of Silly Blogs:

Our chief functions are threefold: a) to identify silliness on the web, b) to create silliness on the web, c) to promote silliness on the web and 4) to encourage the promotion, creation and identification of silliness on the web.

And while filling out the form to start the group, I noticed a box to fill in an existing website for the group. “Damn,” I thought. “The Ministry of Silly Blogs deserves a website.”

So I made one. With some Official Ministry Bling, even.

And 3 other people have already signed on to be part of the Minsitry of Silly Blogs. 3 people who are total strangers even. (And quite possibly, 3 people who are totally strange.)

So, anyone else out there care to join me? Either at the Ministry, or just with NaBloPoMo in general?

I also have in mind a number of other groups, which I may or may not decide to officially form:

  • Pants Bloggers: For bloggers who write about pants, like to say the word pants, and/or who wear pants while blogging
  • Homo Sapiens Bloggers: For bipedal primate bloggers who consider their brains more highly developed than your average baboon
  • Genji Bloggers: for bloggers who like to write about having read the 11th century novel The Tale of Genji, by Murasaki Shikibu, often known as the first novel ever written.
  • Linguistics Grad Student Bloggers with 20-month-olds Named Phoebe and Who Like to Write Lists and Make Stuff Up: For bloggers who are named alejna

¹ I followed Magpie over there. But how well do I really know her?

² Why is that I get uncomfortable with that word?…members…Sounds a bit like card-carrying members. Or perhaps cult followers…

³ Well, “Bloggahs,” which I joined in spite of my non-native tendency towards rhoticity.

⁴ N=1.

19 thoughts on “Who’s with me?

  1. I’m a cult leader!!! I always wanted to be a cult leader!!!

    You make me laugh.

    I might have to join you in silliness. I hope I can be silly enough.

    However, I have never read The Tale of Genji – so I won’t be joining you there.

  2. NoBloPoMo is an evil scheme to get us all to never leave the sickly pale glow of our computer screens.

    But the ministry of silly blogs? That is almost enough to lure me in.

    You are like the devil, with your temptation.

  3. Whoa, you have a non-native tendency towards rhoticity? Have you developed this through subconsciously aspiring to the prestige Standard American lect?

  4. how exactly does a “Linguistics Grad Student Blogger with a 20-month-old Named Phoebe and Who Likes to Write Lists and Make Stuff Up” have time to run a Ministry? Oh, I just noticed your earlier post. Perhaps you and I could create a “Procrastinating Grad Students” group.

    NaBloPoMo? You’re insane.

  5. I gotta say that I had a similar thought process going on and I’m right with you. After I created a group just because I could, I noticed yours and I shall join. Because. Monty Python references are always satisfying.

  6. magpie-
    Yes, yes! Please join me in silliness! The requirements are minimal. You need only appreciate silliness, even if you are not up for publicly producing silliness.

    Oh, I must try even hard to tempt you. Would chocolate do the trick?

    I have a non-native tendency toward rhoticity because I am not a native of the New England region. While I have lived in New England basically all of my adult life, I hail from the r-full land of California. Rrrr! (Sorry, I had a flashback to the talk-like-a-pirate era.) As such, I don’t think we can make any conclusions about my aspirations to the prestige lect.

    Yes, I’m insane. But seeing as I’ve barely gone a month with fewer than 20 posts, 30 posts doesn’t seem that bad. Plus, they don’t have any real criteria about quality, only quantity.
    As far as time to run a Minsitry, well, yes, the magic of procrastination helps. Also the general lack of other types of leisure activities.
    I’m all for having a “Procrastinating Grad Students” group. Sign me up!

    Madame M-
    Hurray, another Python fan! I must check out your groups. Thanks for dropping in, and I hope to see you around some more.

    I bet you could do it, though it might be in conflict with your constraint of wanting to always produce posts of quality. Or perhaps at least with content. I have no such constraints, so you can expect to see a number of vacuous and possibly pathetic posts. Therefore I will gladly accept your cheering.

  7. You are too funny! I will not be joining you for NaBloPoMo, though, because I know without a doubt that I will not be able to blog every single day. But AlphaDogMa is doing it – and you two sound like a match made in heaven, or “the ether.”

  8. Okay, I joined up. Not sure about joining or creating groups, though.

    And (excuse stupid question) are we supposed to post everyday on our own blogs or on that page they set up for us?

  9. flying-
    I’m sorry you won’t be joining the cult NaBloPoMo. (I recently discovered AlphaDogMa, too. She is a funny woman.)

    Yippee! I figure the groups are a way to find bloggers with similar interests, or at least to meet random people. I’ve been joining away with careless abandon.
    As for the where to blog, I think most people plan on posting on their own blogs. I think the page they set up for us is available as an option for those who don’t have (gasp!) another blog, or for those who just want to use it.
    They have put up a directory of participating blogs, and you can go and add your link(s).

  10. OMG I just stopped by to read your shit and you talked about PANTS! LOL I think we may have to be kindred spirits cuz my all time favorite word to say is in fact….. wait for it…. PANTS! It’s just such a fun word, and I also enjoy wearing them as well!!!

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