happy third second wedding anniversary

alejna_john_wedding_135.jpg Today is a happy day. It’s the anniversary of our wedding. Our second one. Wedding, that is. Not the second anniversary. It’s actually our third anniversay. Of our second wedding. (We celebrated the seventh anniversary of our first wedding back in December.)

I was glad we managed to have a fall wedding. (For the second wedding, that is.) I love the fall. I love crisp smell in the air when the days turn chilly. I love the way the angle of the afternoon sun makes the trees glow with their reds and yellows and oranges. I love the riot of colors, and the way the scene changes from day to day. I love to find fallen leaves in all their varied colors and shapes.

I had a beautiful drive on Monday, when I went to and from the farm to pick up my vegetables. I take some winding country roads, and go past quite a few farms. Over and over again I was struck by the scenery. An old tree-lined cemetery on a hill. An antique Colonial house, painted white with traditional black shutters, surrounded by towering maples of red and yellow. Red barns. White rail fences. Cows in the pastures. I drove past postcard scene after postcard scene.

I zipped along in my little car, heading towards home. I was singing along to music I like, with a trunk full of fresh vegetables. My eyes were feasting on the scenes around me. And I thought about how happy I am with my life.

I have so much, and so much going on. I get paid to do work that I love, and I work with pleasant, intelligent and fun individuals. I have a wide range of interests and activities, and the resources and health to enjoy them. I have a loving mother and sister, who are both also my good friends. I have a great family, and wonderful in-laws that have really made me feel like I’m part of the family. I have lots of good friends, some nearby, some far away, but each of whom adds something unique to my life. I have a comfortable home in a beautiful location. I have a healthy, wonderful, smoochable baby girl. And as if that weren’t enough, I’m married to the love of my life and my closest friend.

I am so very lucky it embarrasses me sometimes. How did I get so damn lucky?

9 thoughts on “happy third second wedding anniversary

  1. jen-
    Thanks. We will roll.

    Sorry about the confusing bits. I’m afraid it’s sort of intentional, because I love to play around with the ambiguity of “second wedding anniversary.”


    Ah, my link in the first paragraph was too subtle, I guess. I did write such a post back in December, for the 7th anniversary of our first wedding.

    I’m glad you know what I mean. But it is a good thing. And good to realize it’s a good thing.

  2. Well, I have you beat as I’ve had three weddings (don’t celebrate any of the anniversaries though ;) ).

    Yes, you are very lucky and it’s lovely to read about.

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