New Life Form Discovered in Eastern United States

Biologists the world over are expressing cautious excitement over reports of the discovery of a new species of animal life that was discovered last Friday.

Reports were received of a number of small furry creatures residing in the refrigerator of a Massachusetts family’s home. Animal control officers on the scene then reported the hitherto unidentified animals to the scientific community.

The Chenopodiaceae Beta Fuzzae, or Fuzzae Beet as it has been nicknamed, appears to thrive in the dark, chilly ecosystem of the vegetable drawer, and requires only as much light as is offered by the little lightbulb that goes on when the refrigerator door is opened. It resembles a common beet root in appearance, but with a coat of downy fur, and is believed to be part vegetable and part mammal. It was observed roaming among the piles of arugula and turnip greens, and exhibited signs of rudimentary intelligence. “One of them looked right at me, and I was sure it was going to start speaking,” said Bob Loobsteele of Animal Control, who was first to arrive on the scene.

A family of the Fuzzae Beets have been extracted from the rest of the colony their natural habitat, in order that their behavior may be studied under more controlled conditions.

The implications of this discovery are far-reaching. “With so many other species being threatened by climate change, it is heartening to find that new life is evolving,” says Dr. Frank Murgentroober, head of the Springfield University Department of Paranormal Vegetable Phenomena. “We think it’s only a matter of time before more life forms are found lingering in the depths of neglected vegetable drawers, or even emerging from pizza boxes left under the bed in college dorm rooms.”

Dr. Wilma P. Snodgrass of Large Urban University, however, is a dissenting voice among the excited scientific community. “We think this may well turn out to be a hoax, or the twisted delusions of someone who has far too many vegetables on their hands.”


This improbable report is brought to you hot off the presses of this week’s Monday Mission, which solicited posts in the style of a news article.

11 thoughts on “New Life Form Discovered in Eastern United States

  1. Ha. I believe I had the rare and as of yet undocumented cousin of the furry beet in my fridge just yesterday…Cucurbita Pepo fuzzae, or furry zucchini. Not pretty. And I’m happy to report, it’s moved on.

  2. Every now and again, I run training sessions on time management. One of my best tips is to turn the vegie crisper drawer into your compost bin. It’s going to happen anyway. Why fight it?

  3. I’m scared of the fuzzae genera . They sneak up on you when you’re not paying attention. Even worse in the soupy brown genera.

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