Looking for gift ideas? (or shamelessly promoting my sister)

I love to have a variety of different cloth kitchen towels around. My grandmother’s house had a collection of them, unique linens purchased around the world. I’ve inherited some of these linens, and have accumulated my own collection. Some were gifts, such as from family members’ travels to distant locales. I have penguins from Argentina, sheep from New Zealand, and a towel with an Aboriginal lizard design from Australia. Others were purchases I made because I liked the pattern or color. My most recent additions to this collection have been some of these:


They are modern and elegant, whimsical and colorful.

And what’s really cool is that I know the designer¹. In fact, I’ve known her all my life.

I’d like to take this opportunity to rave about my sister. And to promote the textile business that she recently started. Mostly, I want to offer up some reasons why you might want to consider buying some.

You can feel good about yourself for buying Tikoli tea towels because:

  • using cloth towels instead of paper towels reduces waste
  • buying them supports a small business owner
    • what’s more, the business owner is a woman
    • and that woman is also a new mother
    • and a very cool individual
  • the tea towels are lightweight, so their shipping impact is relatively small
  • they come with minimal packaging

Tikoli tea towels make good gifts because²:

  • they are functional and durable
  • They are low-priced, so that you can easily give 2 or 3 of different designs
  • they are compact and easy to wrap (or you can get them wrapped)
  • they are gorgeous


You can find these tea towels at the Tikoli online store, or at various retailers.

¹ Oh, and if you want to feel like you know the designer yourself, you can pop by her blog pantry permitting and say “hi.” She’d love to meet you. You could swap recipes and have a cup of tea together.

² Incidentally, these tea towels were recently listed among the favorite gifts of a magazine. You might have heard of them. A little publication known as Newsweek (see item #24 of their online holiday gift guide).³

³ I’m allowed to boast because it’s my sister.

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