Happy Turkey Day

Here are some happy turkeys.

Here in New England, it is not uncommon to come across roving flocks of wild turkeys. I came across these guys a couple years ago while heading to a nearby farm to buy some eggs. (Chicken eggs, mind you.) They were in the long winding driveway, and as I drove up, they just kept running ahead, seemingly reluctant to spend the extra energy to get over the towering snowbanks. (That was the winter of Too Much Winter.) All the way at the top of the hill, they figured I was in it for the long chase, and took flight.

13 thoughts on “Happy Turkey Day

  1. One time a wild turkey was hanging out right in urban Boston in front of the Harvard School of Public Health (which, oddly, is not in Cambridge), a very paved area. It looked quite out of place! These guys look much more at home. Nice photos!
    I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Yes, I’ve heard of many turkeys in urban areas of Massachusetts in the last few years. Some of them quite aggressive (as bittertwee points out below).

    1. So I’ve heard, bittertwee! I was debating whether to bring that up, but ultimately opted not to because it was late and I was tired. (That has got to be my most frequent excuse. But it’s late and I’m tired.) Anyhow, thanks for sharing the terror of the turkey. (Also, I was rather glad that I was inside the car when I came across this gang.)

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