364 down, 1 to go

364:365 A ridiculous still life, with everything but the kitchen sink.

Unbelievably, I have just about made it through Project 365. 364 days in, I have managed to take (at least) a photo a day to share online. Admittedly, there were 2 or 3 times when I didn’t quite manage to take a photo before midnight, plus some other times when time zone mismatches made it look like I’d missed a day, but I always remembered to take some sort of photo by the time I went to bed. In this year of chaos and of feeling stuck, this project has felt like an accomplishment.

For my penultimate shot of the project, I decided to get all wacky and revisit some props and repeat subjects from my year of photos. (It’s sort of a pictographic summary.) In this photo can be found at least 20 things that have either been the subjects of my photos more than once, or that represent things (or categories of things) that have recurred in my project photos. (I’m sorry to say that even though it appeared in at least 4 of my photos, the kitchen sink is not included in this still life.)

How many can you find?

If you are curious, but haven’t looked at many of my photos, you can peek the thumbnails in batches on my flickr account:

And here’s another game for you, if you want to play. Each month, I chose a theme (or some sort of visual motif) to work with. Can you identify them? (Okay, it was not actually all 12 months.)

If you want to play, leave a comment with:

    1) one thing from the still life photo above that has either appeared in some of my Project 365 photos, or that might represent things from those photos
                    ~ or ~
    2) a theme identified from one of my monthly sets
                    ~ or ~
    3) the number of things from the photo you have been able to identify
                    ~ or ~
    4) any months for which you have been unable to identify a theme

If you don’t want to play, leave a comment telling me:

    1) how cool I am for doing this project and for achieving awesome levels of awesomeness
                    ~ or ~
    2) what a dork I am for making up this game and for achieving dorky levels of dorkiness
                    ~ or ~
    3) the number of times you rolled your eyes while reading this post
                    ~ or ~
    4) any moths for which you have been unable to identify a thorax

If you don’t want to play or leave a comment, click here.

7 thoughts on “364 down, 1 to go

  1. Raspberries, toy trucks, crayons, flowers, lightbulbs,toy train, reflections (as a theme)…

    You are awesome in achieving awesome levels of awesomeness.

    To conclude, you are an awesome person who has taken a picture of a stop sign but really shouldn’t stop.

  2. WARNING: If you have not played yet, don’t read this comment! (because I am achieving extreme dorkiness by playing the game much too thoroughly, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone else…)

    Things in this most excellent still life that I remember from previous photos even if I’m not sure they were featured multiple times:

    Reflections, raspberries, toy cars on a toy road (perhaps representing both photos taken from the car and pictures of cars (micro mini car fest)), toy train (could also represent commuter rail photos), crayons, the little artist mannequin thingy, flowers, peacocks (toy here representing real ones), light bulbs, blocks, chairs, drinking glass (unless it’s a vase, but it could still represent the drinking glass), metal bowl, numbers and words (that, like the reflections, was a theme), trees, recurring patterny things (another theme, represented by the posts in the fence/railing and the slats on the seat of the chair), the triangle (representing the triangular staircase and possibly other things, for example I think there was the Citgo sign) …hmm… this is less than 20 even though I think I have named every item in the picture! But the light bulb could also represent your kids, since the mannequin is hugging it!

    I enjoyed the themes I identified in the photostream, though I think l haven’t managed to identify all of the more recent ones. I have looked at all the photos, though! They are great, you are very cool, and I’m impressed you’ve stuck with this all year. It is indeed an awe-inspiring accomplishment! So I would say that with this photo you have achieved awesome levels of self-referential dorkiness, and I mean that in the most positive sense!

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