my pi pie


I did bake a pie yesterday, for Pi Day. It’s a blackberry apple pie. It’s not terribly attractive, due to the frozen pie crust having dried out a bit and cracked, but it is quite tasty. And John got a cool photo of it.

14 thoughts on “my pi pie

  1. Oh, tres fab! We have a pie dish that is a Pi dish. The symbol is on the bottom of the dish and the first whatever digits of the # go around the outside lip.

  2. Ashley-
    Pie is good.

    Cool. Do you actually get see the pi on the resulting pie?

    He’s good, isn’t he?

    No pie? You need a pie.

    It’s an ethereal pi pie. It’s the halo effect I find particularly cool. That came from the glare of the ring flash on the cookie sheet.

  3. flutter-
    You are too kind.

    Mme. Meow-
    I’m so glad you’re over it.

    The pi was hand-cut. By me. With a knife. Later the pie was hand-eaten. By me. With a fork.

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