What’s on the menu?

I ate a bunch of peeps this morning. It was not my intention. But the onslaught of references to peeps I have seen in the past few days has pushed me over the edge. I bought a single package of the things last week, intending to put them in Phoebe’s Easter basket, as her one candy item. (She gets really wired from chocolate, so we tend to avoid it.) But then I didn’t actually manage to get a basket together, barely managed to even dye some eggs, and so I still had this package of peeps sitting around. I don’t often eat marshmallows, due to the gelatin. But I do love their squishiness. But after the 10 seconds that it took me to shovel half a package of them into my mouth, I am left with an extended feeling of ickiness.

Aside from that, I’m feeling a bit queasy from the many other things going on in my life. John has been uber-busy with his work. And I’m feeling the pressure of work, too. I mentioned that various subsets of my research group have been accepted for 3 conference presentations. Well, two of these will be at the same conference, which is now just over 2 weeks away.

The third presentation will be in early May at a conference in Brazil. Currently I’m in the process of getting my visa application together. (Because they don’t take American Express.) The process makes me a bit nervous, as I fear that if I don’t get the application right, things will be delayed excessivley, and I won’t get to go. I’m also both very excited and somewhat nervous about the trip.

Phoebe has also been serving up some challenges lately. She has been crying and whining a lot more than is her custom. She has now started crying when I drop her off at daycare. Last week, things were apparently not the greatest at daycare. I thought it was because she was a bit sick. But she’s back in good health now, from all other indications. Even at home, she will sometimes cry, for example, when I say I have to go to the bathroom. As you might imagine, this is a fairly frequent occurrence. And it doesn’t even matter if I say she can come with me. I think this may be contributing to my overall level of tiredness, which leads to me sometimes falling asleep while telling Phoebe her usual post-bath, post-book, in-crib bedtime “stories.” I say “stories” because often she just wants me to tell her about dogs, her playgroup, Grammy’s house, or (and thankfully this is losing favor) the radiator at daycare.

Another thing on my mind is the appointment I have tomorrow for my big 18-week ultrasound. While I am, of course, concerned with the health and well-being of the creature within, and will be glad to have reassurance that it is not some sort of tentacled alien spawn, I am also terribly curious about the other information that they will be able to determine. In a recent comment, Mme. M asked whether I would “…be finding out if the little peanut has a cheeseburger or a hot dog?” That is certainly my general intention. But rather than go for the meat (bi-)product metaphors, I’ll go for some fruit imagery instead.

So, which will it be?

papaya_no_border.jpg       banana.jpg

15 thoughts on “What’s on the menu?

  1. Wow, you really have a lot going on!

    I hope the ultrasound goes well. Ugh…I didn’t get to have mine until 25 weeks, and I was so very irritated that they made me have a full bladder and then pushed on it! Ahh, the joys of pregnancy. In the end, all worth it. :)

    p.s. I like peeps!!

  2. you know, girl parts on an ultrasound really do look like a hamburger, as my pal in ultrasound told me in his heavily accented English. He also told me he was looking for a “ding dong” which made me just a wee bit queasy.

  3. Peeps are okay, they are best when you leave them open for a bit and they get just a little bit hard and crunchy. My favorite, Robin’s Eggs, the candy coated malt balls.

    Ohh, ultrasounds are so fun, well except for the full bladder thing.

  4. i agree wholeheartedly with rose daughter: peeps improve dramatically when just a slight bit stale. texture is super. and i have a BIG ol’ bucket of robin eggs in my pantry…girl, we’ve clearly got to get together!

    good luck on the ultrasound and don’t stress about brazil. just keep repeating “keep my pants on, keep my pants on…”

  5. Holy moly – 18 weeks? You do secrets pretty well.

    Peeps are best ripened. One must buy, slit the cellophane, and tuck in a cabinet for several weeks. Then, they’re worth eating. In other words, what Rose Daughter said.

  6. I have a guess.. but I’m not willing to commit to my guess in a public forum.. maybe I’ll share it with someone nearby, just to have it on record. Hmm.. that would be my boss at the moment.

    Re: the Peeps link- I was most impressed by “Peep Art”, but the one that made me laugh (out loud) was “The Running of the Peeps”

  7. This is what happens when I never see you, or you me. Congrats on the new little one, and have fun at the ultrasound. And by the way, I admire you for getting so much work done while pregnant…I’m 22 weeks along myself, and it’s been a real struggle to get anything done.

  8. I, personally, would love to hear a story about the radiator at daycare! That cracked me up (although I’m sure it wouldn’t if I had to tell those stories myself)!

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