chocolate: it’s what’s for breakfast

Tomorrow I will eat a chocolate bar for breakfast.

It’s the day I’m going to get to have my glucose test at the doctor’s office. This is the test to screen for gestational diabetes. Usually, one is made to drink a seriously syrupy “drink” that is reminiscent of soda syrup without the addition of carbonated water. Then an hour later, they draw some blood to check blood sugar levels.¹ I was quite pleased to learn that, at this medical group, I can opt to eat a Hershey’s bar instead of drinking the nasty syrup. So around 9:00 tomorrow morning, I’ll break my fast with chocolate. Sweet. (I must bring my own chocolate, though.)

I must confess that chocolate in the morning is not an entirely novel experience for me. You see, if there is chocolate in the house, I will be nibbling at it no matter what time of day or night. And recently there has been quite a lot of chocolate in the house.

About a month and a half ago, Dragonfly (who is living in Germany) offered to send a bundle of German chocolate to a randomly selected commenter on her 100th post. And I was that lucky commenter. Here is some of the bounty I received a couple weeks later:

This is the photo that she posted on her blog. There was actually quite a bit more, too. I meant to take a picture of it, but mysteriously most of it…um…disappeared. (Did I mention that it was weeks ago?) And it was some pretty wonderful chocolatey goodness.

I have to say, getting a package of chocolate in the mail is a real treat. And I would like to pass along the experience. I mentioned that I managed to stop by a grocery store to load up on chocolate during the last few hours of my Brazil trip. And you, yes you, could get some of this bounty. I plan on selecting a random commenter to be the recipient of a stash of assorted Brazilian chocolates. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post by midnight on Thursday, June 5th, and I will enter you in the drawing. To make things a bit more interesting, leave the name of a chocolate bar (or other chocolate treat) in your comment.

Oh, that reminds me. Speaking of chocolate and comments. My chocolate-themed list has been getting some attention from a horde of bored 12-year-olds (judging from the content of the comments). Or perhaps mostly from the same 12-year-old, judging from the IP addresses. What did I do to deserve such attentions?

¹ I actually failed my first glucose test when I was pregnant with Phoebe. It was very annoying. I have a rant about it that I buried away when I realized that the footnote was getting as long as the rest of the post. But a quick word of advice or anyone faced with an upcoming glucose test: don’t load up on carbohydrates right before the appointment.

17 thoughts on “chocolate: it’s what’s for breakfast

  1. I failed mine too, and for the same reason. Who knew it was not wise to have a large glass f orange juice, a bowl of oatmeal and a banana before going to have your glucose tested?

    If you have a Trader Joe’s in your area, you need to look for their “Truffle Bars”. They are just like regular chocolate bars on the outside, but inside it’s the creamiest, silkiest chocolate ever. My favorite one is the milk chocolate, but they have them in 70%, bittersweet, and bittersweet with almonds, I believe. You want to keep eating them and stash the leftovers in a highly secretive and undisclosed location.

  2. more footnotes than body text just means you’ve been reading too many law review articles. at least that’s my story, and i’m sticking to it.

    a brigadeiro isn’t a chocolate bar, but it’s my favorite incarnation of brasilian chocolate. (i’m not entering the drawing.)

  3. What an awesome way to take the glucose test – my dr is not quite as enlightened.

    If you fail this time and have to do the test again there is much less of a downside, isn’t there?

  4. maja-
    It tends to be sweet. Milk chocolate, heavy on the milk. But often loaded with other intersting bits, like cashews. (I’ll bring some when I come visit!)

    Yeah, I bet you do. Yick.

    Mme. M-
    You too? In my case it was a peanut butter sandwich and grapes. Probably more sugar than what they make you ingest for the test.
    Those Trader Joe’s things sound yummy. I haven’t been there in ages. There are some nearish by (40 minutes), but require a special trip.

    I’m not sure I ever had a brigadeiro. Clearly, I’ve missed out.

    Perhaps I’d best not make a habit of it…

    Well, I’m not sure they still have the chocolate substitution for the long test. But that would certainly sweeten the deal.

    City Girl-
    Mmmm, M&Ms for breakfast. They’re crunchy like cereal…does that count?

  5. i just yesterday ate some of a milka bar – the one on the top of the pile in that pic. :) yum. although the hazelnut ones were my favorite. why hasn’t the hazelnut and chocolate thing picked up here in the states?

    speaking of hazelnut… Nutella…. yum…….

  6. magpie-
    The 3 hour one is pretty irritating. And syrupy.

    Oh, I looove hazelnut and chocolate. Particularly hazelnut praline. Mmm, Nutella.

    Has chocolate been on your own breakfast menu, then?

  7. i’ve totally failed the date cutoff (which is ok, as we have a trader joe’s around here – i can highly second the motions for that), but mmmmm, shipments of chocolate from foreign c0untries sounds like a super plan!

  8. Shoot, I missed the dealine. Well, I can tell you anyway that there are some pretty funny chocolate bar names in Sweden. One of my favorites is Plopp.

  9. fireweaver-
    I’m hoping it will catch on. A sort of global chocolate exchange program.

    Oh, Plopp is a great one. Is the chocolate itself good?

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