holes in the bucket

I posted a list of bucket things earlier today, and I somewhat intentionally left this item off. A hole in my bucket list, as it were. Anyhow, I came across this video on YouTube while looking for a version of the classic “hole in the bucket” folksong. It turns out, I can barely tolerate the versions of the traditional song. (I found them corny and grating.)

But I found the song “Hole in the Bucket” by Spearhead, which makes reference to the folksong in title and lyrics. And I found it more compelling, too. It’s about a man’s reflections on an encounter with a panhandler. The video tells more of the story, too.

It reminded me of a post jen of one plus two wrote a while back about why she shares money with those who ask for it on the street: brother can you spare a dime? If you haven’t read it, have a look. Jen, who works daily with the homeless, knows a thing or two about poverty and compassion.

And it seems a good time to mention that the Just Posts are up again. Jen, Mad and Su, are hosting this monthly roundtable of posts about issues of social justice and activism in all sizes.

I’ve nominated a few posts for the latest roundtable. Go see if you can guess which ones! Well, at least go have a look. Just click on the button with the birdy:

What’s more, Jen will be speaking at BlogHer (in San Francisco next weekend) about community-building in blogging, and the Just Posts in particular. If you are attending BlogHer, make sure you go see Jen speak. And then tell me about it afterwards, because I’ll be sorry to miss it.

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