catching up, bearing down

I don’t have much time tonight, as it’s 10:30, and I’ve got some work to do before a meeting tomorrow. However, I feel compelled to give an update.¹

Pregnancy seems to have finally caught up with me. After feeling strangely spry for the first 2 months of the 3rd trimester, my body apparently caught sight of the calendar. Suddenly, the heartburn has kicked in stronger. I’ve started having joint pains. Gravity is now exerting a greater than normal force on me, causing me to be more strongly adhered whatever surface I happen to be sitting on. And most irritatingly, the sausage feet that visited me occasionally have not only returned, but apparently camped in for the long haul. I feel like I am walking around with a 5 pound weight strapped to each of my feet, and I can barely shove my feet into the pair of sandals that had previously fit just fine. When I take my sandals off, I get a couple of big stripes of puffiness and dents that would make the Michelin man proud. Attractive as this may sound, there is a downside. My feet hurt, dammit.

I’ve been trying to keep my feet up when I can, but this is not as often as one might expect when one is tending to a toddler. While Phoebe has gotten quite capable at many tasks, showing amazing fine motor skills in her paper-folding abilities, she has not yet mastered the art of cookery. Letting her have a go with the cooking knives did not go well, and she struggles with even the most rudimentary recipes. (This should not surprise me, considering previous research.)

Then there’s the potty training, which continues to be the bane of my existence. We are on our third chart now, each glimmering with sparkly stickers of victory. 28 stickers on each completed chart. And not a single potty usage at daycare. (The child, who apparently has some sort of will of her own, has announced her intentions of using her diaper at daycare. She can do well keeping her big-girl underwear clean and dry at home, but if she is wearing a diaper, she tends to use it. And the daycare provider is not comfortable with kids wearing underwear until they have demonstrated an ability to use a potty for a couple of weeks.)

I had an ultrasound today, as the new kiddo was stubbornly keeping his head up at my last appointment. Happily, he is now facing the general direction of the exit. Also, he appears to be growing well. (I actually had an ultrasound 4 weeks ago, too, to check on growth. My external measurements were not increasing over a whole month, which was a bit unsettling. We’ve both caught up, though.)

I also had my last violin lesson for some indeterminate amount of time, which should at least make my schedule feel slightly lighter as I continue to grow heavier. Which is good, since I am feeling the pressure of time bearing down on me. I still have work/school goals I haven’t yet abandoned, and there is some chance I can get some of them done.²


¹ I’m apparently still addicted enough to this blogging business that I will take a break from my other methods of procrastination in order to blather on.

² Assuming I stop procrastinating.³

³ I’m still also working on finishing up writing about our experiences with Early Intervention. I’ve also got some pants on the backburner. (And I say Phoebe has trouble with cooking?) So, as soon as I have a chance to catch up….

she picked black for the background of the most recent chart.
Phoebe's progress charts. Note the evidence that Phoebe is our child: she picked black for the background of the most recent chart.

10 thoughts on “catching up, bearing down

  1. Wow…so soon!! You actually sound quite sane compared to how I was the month before I delivered. Most everything brought me to tears at that point…or snarls. :) Ahh, I’m surprised my husband is on board with (one day) having another baby!

    Hang in there!

    p.s. We’re finally going to eat the box of goodies you sent. Tonight! I cannot believe I haven’t devoured it all before now, I guess I have more willpower than previously known. There will be pictures! :)

  2. My feet got so ridiculously swollen the last couple weeks of my pregnancy. Also, I had some scary ultrasound stuff in the third trimester (her head was measuring a couple weeks behind the rest of her body). So, I can totally sympathize with all of this pregnancy crap. I was a whiny mess with NO toddler to deal with so you, my friend, are truly awesome.

  3. you know, you weren’t here all that long ago and so this is so much progress. she’s doing great.

    and you? it’s almost time!

  4. The thing that really got me towards the end, besides all the symptoms you described, was people telling me I needed to rest. No kidding!

    Someone left me a comment that said from the end of pregnancy on you get done exactly what needs to be and no more. I’ve been living by that one…

  5. Friend of BC4 de-lurking… just to send kudos and support with tackling potty training right before new baby! I love that Phoebe has decided that potty-use is a location-dependent action. Maybe there is a reason for it? Like she doesn’t enjoy the wall color of the bathroom at school or one of those random ‘rational’ things that kids come up with to explain behavior?

  6. dragonfly-
    I’ve been surprised by how much energy I’ve had, overall. And happily, not overly moody. (Of course, John may have a different interpretation. But he probably wouldn’t dare to contradict me.)
    So, did you eat your chocolate?

    Glad to have the swollen feet solidarity. And sorry to hear you had ultrasound stresses, too. I hope all worked out well in the end.

    Oh, if only I could find more time for pants.

    Yeah, I’m sure this will seem remarkably fast in retrospect. It’s just the seemingly endless hours of banging my head against the wall are, well, seemingly endless.

    Ah, yes, rest. I’ve heard of that. How does one acquire such a thing?

    Yes, but I’m not quite ready for serving. I hope I don’t end up being served rare, because I’m hoping for the extra cooking time needed for well-done.

    Why, hello! So nice of you to drop in and delurk. And interesting theory on the location-dependence. I have yet to really investigate and ponder the daycare bathroom decor…

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