heroine addicts

It’s been my goal for quite a few years to put together a website featuring information about and ratings for movies and other media featuring women who kick ass. One of my goals in starting this blog was to work towards that end, and I made some progress with various posts that have been part of my kick-ass women project.

In the course of my “work” on this project, I’ve come across a few other sites and resources on this topic. One great such website is Heroine Content, described on their about page as follows:

Heroine Content is a feminist and anti-racist blog about women kicking ass. More specifically, we write about women kicking ass in action films, with a side order of television and video game commentary as things catch our eye.

Just last week, Skye and Grace (the authors) celebrated 2 years of Heroine Content. In their celebratory post, they mention that they have reviews almost 100 movies, and even give a nice, handy list of those reviews.

If you haven’t visited over there before, and if you have an interest in seeing women kick some ass in the movies, definitely drop by. They have reviews handily organized along the following rating scheme:

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