iron flowers (friday foto finder: flower)

One of the nearby farms we visit to pick fruit has a playground which prominently features a vintage tractor, long since retired from its days of labor in the fields. Kids love climb up into the seat behind the big steering wheel, and on busier days, there can even be a line to do so, with adults nearby taking advantage of the photo op. It’s fun to see the kids up on the tractor, certainly, but I also find myself drawn to the details of this old tractor. I see so much character in the peeling paint, the flakes of rust, the curves and lines and joints. There are several places on the tractor where the hardware (perhaps bolt heads) reminded me of flowers: the hexagonal shape was segmented such that it looked like a ring of petals around the central circle.

This week’s friday foto finder challenge was to share a favorite flower foto. Archie chose this theme in celebration of Spring, which has now sprung in the southern hemisphere. Here in the northern parts, many of the outdoor blooms have already died back. While I have loads of old photos of real flowers in my archives, these iron flowers called out to me.¹ To see what flowers others have picked, stop by the fff blog. (And won’t you consider joining in the foto-finding fun, too?)
fff 200x60

¹ Writing about these iron flowers also gets the song Iron Flower by K’s Choice stuck in my head. ²

² I think this may constitute my first instance of embedding a video in a footnote. While there are plenty of footnotes in my academic writing, I have to say that they are much less amenable to multimedia.

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