10 days later

So, here we are, 10 days later. 10 days since Theo arrived on the scene, 10 days since I posted. I fear that with my continued silence, I may be eliciting undeserved sympathy. Things have been busy, mind you, but not actually overwhelming. I’ve been meaning to post at least some sort of update, but haven’t managed to muster up the motivation to do so during the available windows. (I’ve usually been opting to, say, eat or bathe when finding myself with 2 free hands.) Plus I keep falling asleep at night, which has traditionally been my writing time. My body and mind have just been shutting down after about 10, and I can barely manage to pry myself off the couch and get ready for bed.

Anyhow, here’s what’s been happening since Theo was born early Monday morning. I stayed in the hospital Monday night, and asked for an early discharge. We got to go home Tuesday evening. The following days zipped by in a blur of appointments. Two weight checks at the doctor’s office, a visiting nurse, a lactation consultant, and 2 more appointments at the doctor’s office to follow up on concerns over a possible infection to the umbilical cord stump. (It turned out to be fine, but there was some redness and swelling, and then later a bit of smelliness. Which I’m sure you really wanted to know about.)

In general, things could not be more different than when Phoebe was a newborn. For the first couple of months of Phoebe’s life, I went a little bit insane. I was extremely sleep-deprived, and miserable much of the day. And night. Quite honestly, I dreaded going through all of that again. But so far, Theo has been a remarkably mellow baby. He soothes easily. He feeds well. He seems to be gaining weight. We are not beset by the bevy of breastfeeding problems. I’m recovering and healing much more quickly. I have even actually managed to get some sleep. (Actually, as I said, I haven’t managed to stay awake at times.) And believe it or not, I managed to do some work over the weekend. Sunday was the deadline for a paper submission (for one of the projects on which I’m a co-author), and I was at least able to contribute a few more hours to some of the last minute scurrying to get references sorted out and such.

Phoebe has been adjusting well so far, though there have been rough patches. She’s still been going to daycare 3 days a week, which I think helps a lot. It was also hugely helpful to have my mother out here. For Phoebe’s sake especially, but also for help with meals and household things. John was also able to take a few days off work, too, and has been putting in extra hours with Phoebe even now that he is back to the grind. So I’ve pretty much only had one very small, very mellow child on my hands. (And I can even often find other hands to help out with him.)

Of course, my mother went home yesterday, so we are just beginning our real test. But I’m at least starting off feeling moderately sane and well-rested. Not to mention lucky.

Theo at 1 week old.
Theo at 1 week old.

20 thoughts on “10 days later

  1. Glad to hear it is all going so well! My memories of that time with Fizzy are a succession of pain and dread and insomnia and pain and did I mention the pain?

    But Theo looks like a real sweetheart.

  2. He is just tricking you…the calm before the storm. As son as he becomes mobile, the game really starts.

    Our third has been even better than the second, which was better than the first. I think, as parents, we get more comfortable and relaxed with the process and being parents (after subsequent children) and that state of calmness can be detected by the children.

    I love seeing their legs all curled up like when they were in the womb.

  3. same situation, only backwards, with my (very much) younger sibs: my brother was the most mellow kiddo from day one, the sister 2 years later was the tyrant (not that Phoebe is evil!!). it just might last – my bro is still chilled out 20 years later.

    good luck relaxing, take care of yourself, and keep us supplied with adorable pics!

  4. Oh, he is so sweet! I’m so glad he’s a calm little guy. Certainly helps, right? :)

    I miss the days of cuddling with my tiny boy. The Little Mister just started walking (!!) and that makes me feel like the “baby days” are gone…

  5. Hurray for Virgo babies! (oh, biased? me? what?) Congratulations, Alejna!! I’m sorry to be late to the party. He’s gorgeous and I love the photo of you on the swings.

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