seven seven movies for 7/7/7

Today is July 7th, 2007. As in 07/07/07. A freakin’ cool date. Inspired by sevens, I had to put together a list. (My urge is to put together several lists. Seven, even. But I doubt I’ll have time.) This list is of movies. Seven movies. Seven seven movies.

seven movies featuring seven

  1. The Seventh Seal/Det Sjunde inseglet (1957)
    Ingmar Bergman’s classic drama of Death.
  2. The Seventh Sign (1988)
    These would be signs that the end of the world (as we know it) is near.
  3. The Seven Samurai/Shichinin no samurai (1954)
    Akira Kurosawa’s classic film with samurai (7 of ’em) who aid a village besieged by bandits.
  4. The Magnificent Seven (1960)
    The Seven Samurai reinterpreted as a western.
  5. The Seven Year Itch (1955)
    The image of Marilyn Monroe standing over a subway grate with her dress blowing up may be more famous than the movie it came from…
  6. Se7en (1995)
    A thriller about a serial killer who takes his inspiration from the seven deadly sins. (I don’t believe itching is one of them.)
  7. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)
    Doc, Dopey, Sneezy, Sleepy, Sleezy, Happy, Bashful and Grumpy. Oh, wait. That’s eight.

10 thoughts on “seven seven movies for 7/7/7

  1. would seven brides for seven brothers count as a double?

    moving from movies, i was partial to the too-short run of the UPN show 7 days starring jonathan lapaglia (i’ve got a thing for strong noses, i guess. he played a crononaut – he could go back in time, but only 7 days, to change things that had gone horribly wrong. there was also a moonlighting dynamic between lapaglia and the female lead, justina vail.

  2. I’m two for seven on your list – I’ve seen Se7en (ONCE was enough, thank you very much) and Snow White. I need to see some Kurosawa films – I don’t believe I’ve ever managed to sit down in front of one, and I’ve heard NOTHING but good things about Throne of Blood….

  3. jenny-
    I had that same question (re. the brides/ brothers). Would that count as 7, or 14?
    Haven’t seen 7 days. It sounds cool, though.

    I haven’t seen too, too many Kurosawa films myself. think maybe 4 or 5. He’s definitely worth checking out, though “7 Samurai” isn’t my top choice. I liked “Rashomon” and “Yojimbo” more. I’m terribly curious about “The Hidden Fortress”, which some say is the foundation of the story of “Starwars.” And now I’m curious about “Thone of Blood,” too.
    (And thanks so much for stopping by!)

  4. Whatever happened to “Seven Years in Tibet”?

    “Se7en” was a very awesome movie, in my personal opinion. Ke7in Kevin Spacey is a genius. Oh, and both “Se7en” and “Seven Years in Tibet” star Brad Pitt, I wonder if there are 5 more.

    The Column 8 section of my local broadsheet spoke of a lady who turned 77 on Saturday and celebrated by inviting 77 guests for a soireé at 7pm.

    Incidentally (I’m sure this is obvious and undeserving of pointing out), yesterday (for me, by now) is the only day this year that all date formats agree, US, British and reverse ISO.

  5. Jangari-
    I haven’t seen “Seven Years in Tibet.” Was it good?
    Hope you had a happy 07/07/07, by the way, in any of the date formats.

    Hee hee. I’m sure that was it. He’s probably made his way in the adult animated industry, though.

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