Advanced Topics in Procrastination

The Department of Procrastinatory Arts and Sciences at Big Urban University announces its Fall, 2008 course offerings:

PR 101: Introduction to Procrastination
Topics covered include puttering, stalling, and dawdling for beginners. Required of all students working towards degrees in Procrastination. (Requirement may be waived if the student has avoided registering for the course for 3 or more semesters.)
Instructor: TBD

PR 125: Procrastinators Throughout History
Leaders, visionaries, revolutionaries. This survey course highlights the great procrastinators of the world and the accomplishments they would have been famous for, had they ever managed to complete them.
Instructor: Putterington

PR 126: Procrastinators Throughout History II: The Arts
This course examines the works of the Grand Masters of Procrastination. Students will learn to appreciate the unfinished symphonies, uncompleted novels and half-painted canvases that might have rivalled the finished works of the artists’ better known contemporaries.
Instructor: TBA

Procrastinating 225: Special Topics in Procrastination
Details on the course topic are expected to be available by the fourth week of the semester, by which time the professor hopes to have finished writing the syllabus. Or at least started it.
Instructor: McDawdle

PR 234: Getting Things Partially Done
This hands-on productivity course will help speed you along in the steps from thinking about doing something, getting started in deciding to get something started, and starting to get something done that will look like progress towards the accomplishment of things.
Instructor: TB

PR 235: Putting Things Off
Postponed until Spring semester

Other courses, which are planned for some time later:
PR 175: The Science of Stalling and the Fine Art of Puttering About
PR 187: The Procrastinator in Contemporary Society
PR 285: Creative Time Mismanagement
PR 335: Advanced Seminar in Dawdling

This course bulletin is offered up for this week’s Monday Mission, which asked for posts in the form of course descriptions.

15 thoughts on “Advanced Topics in Procrastination

  1. I have already passed all of these courses with flying colors. Can I be a guest lecturer next semester? I’d like to teach a course called “How the computer can help you avoid other tasks”

    Thanks for playing along!

  2. I would like to offer a course in how to hit your browser’s refresh button as a ruse for productivity.

    Glad to see that all that honest labour on your part hasn’t impeding your procratinatatory nor comedic skills.

  3. i can offer my services as an instructor in most of these. i was just saying to a coworker that unless something has an actual deadline, i generally tend to not accomplish it. exhibit under discussion at the time, as she was driving with me to drop the car off: my car’s brakes, which i was warned were “close to unsafe” at my last oil change…5 months ago.

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