an excuse note

Dear World,

Please forgive the recent behavior of our country, especially during this election season. Please understand that it has been a difficult 8 years for us, and that we have taken leave of our sanity. (See attached note from doctor.) We hope to recover from this ugliness soon, and will hopefully be able to make up for it come January. We hope that we will be given ample opportunity to earn extra credit in the areas of diplomacy, health care reform and intensive efforts to break ourselves of our debilitating fossil fuel addiction. Should we fall short in our efforts to make progress towards these goals, we will expect to receive detention and a very poor grade on our global report card.

Some of US in the U.S.

This post was written for this week’s Monday Mission, hosted by Painted Maypole, which called for posts in the form of an excuse letter.

11 thoughts on “an excuse note

  1. Good one! I tried to do a themed serious apology letter, but it kept getting ten miles long and not getting to the point.
    You have nailed this one.
    Can a Canadian ask — are you, perhaps, a Democrat? My part of Canada is very pro Obama, btw. Wish I could vote in your election, rather than ours.

  2. Mary-
    Oh, definitely a democrat. And definitely pro-Obama. And I’ve found myself wishing that the world could have a voice in this election, too.

    Thanks, and thanks for using (and crediting) my idea! I love the Monday Missions. They remind me of the creative assignments that some teachers would give in high school.

    Ah, yes. sorry everbody. Some friend and I submitted to that in 2004. I wish I could track down the photo…And I sincerely hope that we don’t need another site in 2008.

    Envelope stuffing party at my house!

    Glad you liked it!

    I just hope we can get our act together. These bad grades are bad for our self-esteem.

  3. Alejna —

    Just this past week, have been having a tiff via e-mail with a friend who, as I told him, is undeniably, American as well as white, male, middle-aged, hasn’t travelled much, etc. One reason is that I just consider him to be on too much of a high-horse vis a vis much of the rest of the world that’s, you know, not American/Western/white, etc. Maybe I’ll forward him your blog entry/letter as a little humility — and awareness that America is not universally popular and admired — from an American is greatly appreciated.

    — YTSL (who now may be middle-aged but still definitely is not American, white, male, etc.)

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