bunny and carrot (and also a cat)

I had grand ideas to have Phoebe and Theo’s Halloween costumes coordinate in some way. As Phoebe wanted to be a bunny, I thought Theo (who had no input in the matter) could be a carrot.

I early gave up on the idea of making Phoebe’s bunny costume, thinking that it would be easy to find one ready-made. I had plans to make Theo’s costume as well as my own, and thought making 3 costumes would be insane. We had some trouble finding a bunny in her size, as it turned out, and ended up ordering online. But seeing as I am a pathological procrastinator, we did so only a week before our party.

A few days before the party, we got a bit antsy, and when we saw a much-discounted white kitty costume, we decided to get it, thinking that I could transform it into a bunny in a pinch. As it turned out, the bunny costume arrived the same day. But, it also turned out to have enclosed plush-covered feet. Such that one could not wear the costume with shoes. As one might want to do when walking outside. Such as one tends to do for trick-or-treating.

So, we decided she could wear the bunny costume for our party, and then the kitty cat for trick-or-treating. (And as such may have set the expectation for future years of having two costumes for Halloween…)

I did manage to make Theo’s carrot, using orange fleece (so as to need minimal hemming) and some green felt for the greens. I made up a pattern for carrot bunting-type thing as well as a hat. We don’t have a sewing machine, so I stitched it up by hand. Much of it while I was on the phone for a work conference call a few hours before the party.

And, because I had to go and run off at the mouth (or whatever the typed equivalent is) about having each of my posts this month feature some word that I like, I felt compelled to follow through in some way. And while I do think the word bunny is a fine word¹, it seemed a bit…um…fluffy…as a followup to yesterday’s omphaloskepsis.

So, I dug up a couple of new words to go along with this post. Both of these are from a site called Luciferous Logolepsy.

    adj. – parsley-like; belonging to plant family including carrot, parsley, etc.

    adj. – having large ears

My temorarily macrotous daughter and briefly apiaceous son.

Here is Phoebe as a kitty. No bonus word for this image, unless someone else wants to add one.

¹ I did discover though, that in British English, bunny can refer to a squirrel. Which funnily enough was Phoebe’s costume of last year.

16 thoughts on “bunny and carrot (and also a cat)

  1. Not to discount the adorableness of the kitty and bunny (because, well, the face peeking out makes the costume!) but I am completely impressed by the carrot. Wow!

    Incidentally, I have a friend I’ve been calling Carrot for years (no, she doesn’t have red hair, I just call her Carrot) and she just had a baby! But I don’t know if she had a baby carrot. ;)

  2. Felis Cattus (a) Domesticus(a)? She does look feline. Also felix.
    Your carrot and bunny are splendid. Great costumes, great post.
    In a similar situation, I glued two sheets of sandpaper to the bottom of the feet. Worked fine.

  3. I love Theo-as-carrot! That costume is excellent, and I am mightily impressed by your hand-sewing. Phoebe, of course, is adorable. I love that in the bunny pic she actually looks kind of like a cocker spaniel with the bunny face pushed back and the ears hanging down like that!

  4. ditto with the carrot awesomeness. and having kiddos around, especially, makes me want to highly encourage you to acquire a sewing machine. completely decent ones can be had at ye olde walmart for about a hundred bucks.

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