80s Pants Party!


80s Pants Party! Volume 1:
Put on your party pants and prepare yourself to party to the max with this totally awesome New Wave Pants-o-rama party!

  1. Tainted Pants 3:52
  2. Goody Two Pants 3:12
  3. West End Pants 4:01
  4. She Blinded Me With Pants 3:25
  5. Pants in a Northern Town 2:56
  6. Under the Milky Pants 3:33
  7. Everybody Wants to Pants the World 4:59
  8. Don’t You Forget About Pants 2:45
  9. We Got the Pants 2:47
  10. Don’t Stand So Close to Pants 3:03
  11. Hungry like the Pants 3:23
  12. Lay Your Pants on Me 2:57
  13. Pretty in Pants 3:25
  14. Girls Just Want to Have Pants 3:03

Bonus Track:

  • Safety Pants (extended pants remix) 7:52

This production was brought to you by:
Painted Maypole and the Monday Missions! (supporting CD liner note style since 1984)
My Big Sister and the News of 80s Pants Revival!
• The word Pants!

Sales from this album will benefit the American Pants Society, The United Charter for Pants, and Pants Across America.

Look for More 80s Pants Party Music in Stores Soon!

17 thoughts on “80s Pants Party!

  1. We can pants if we want to
    We can leave your friends behind
    ‘Cause your friends don’t pants and if they don’t pants
    Well they’re no friends of mine

  2. Lol! Know what’s even funnier than adding ‘pants’ to a song title? Adding ‘in my pants’ (only for mature audiences :-P). It was a bit of an epidemic when I was in 7th form. ‘Catch my disease in my pants’ was a favourite lol. Also, replacing a word with Cabbage. A forum I belong to created entire threads of Cabbage songs, including several Cabbage Christmas albums. Rudolph the red-nosed cabbage, Silent Night, Holy cabbage, etc. :-P
    I think my favourite one on your list is ‘Hungry Like the Pants’. Makes me think of the Wallace and Gromit film ‘The Wrong Trousers’. Stop them Gromit, stop them!!!

  3. We dance to the Safety Pants in my house ALL THE TIME.

    I heard that the EP features “Take on Pants” and “Glory Pants”

    Always making me laugh…

  4. alejna, 80s, pants and Monday Mission = perfection

    Mad, I thought is was Pants on Me, not Take on Pants

    for the second album how about:
    Pants a Virgin
    Raspberry Pants
    When Pants Cry
    Manic Pants
    Hippy Hippy Pants
    Personal Pants
    Pants and Diane
    Little Pink Pants
    Ebony and Pants
    We are the Pants

  5. my favorite duran duran song: pants on film!

    the goth anthem: bela lugosi’s pants

    saddest cure song: pictures of pants

    pop dance song: our pants are sealed

    who could forget that new order song, bizarre pants triangle?

    all this, and a special single from the hit howard jones album, the 12″ inseam: everlasting pants!

  6. raincoaster-
    Well, it was sung by Men Without Pants, afterall…

    Certainly no friends of mine, either.

    Yup. Thanks for noticing!

    Well, thanks for throwing those pants my way.

    I haven’t yet really played around “in my pants.” I mean with “in my pants.” And I can see the appeal of cabbage. I’ve worked with a variety of other vegetables (cf. “the dawning of the age of asparagus”), as well as cheese, and dude.
    (You remind me that I should revisit “The Wrong Trousers.” I don’t think I’ve seen that in…maybe I shouldn’t say how long. Let’s just say that it was on VHS.)

    Ooo, Panta Clause. That’s catchy!

    That one was the one that cracked me up when I was first exploring the theme.

    Safety Pants is just a great song. Maybe those others are on Volume 2.

    Hmm…Take on pants? Don’t we take off pants?
    And I don’t think I know “little pink pants.” Did Prince wear those? I hear is kinda short.

    “Bela Lugosi’s Pants” is a great song. I like my pants dark. “Pictures of pants” would surely make me cry. (Did New Order reject “bizarre love pants”?)

  7. they were concerned that “love pants” would give the wrong impression, being a sort of silly b-52s title, while “pants triangle” evoked more of the romantic despair they’re known for.

  8. Somehow, I feel like my most favorite 80s pants of all got left out… what we call Prince’s no-ass pants.

    I like no-ass pants Prince waaaay better than born-again Jehovah’s Witness Prince.

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