chipped (PhotoHunt)


This is part of set of china that was my great grandmother’s. For decades it was in the china cabinet at my grandmother’s house, but now is part of my own collection. I love the dark, bold pattern with its unusual color scheme of rust brown and black. And I love the quaintness of the egg cups, which seem like such relics of another era.

The odds and ends remaining of the set are in varying conditions. While most of the plates are whole, many of the teacups have cracks. One of the egg cups has a small chip, which prompted me to think of it for this week’s PhotoHunt theme, “chipped.”

For more “chipped” photos, pay a visit to tnchick.

29 thoughts on “chipped (PhotoHunt)

  1. I have my great grandmother’s china but it is pink and feminine. I love it.

    BTW, email me re button. I want to make sure I leave you sitting pretty come the first of the month.

  2. flutter-
    Thanks! I was glad I was able to keep it in the family.

    Yes, I like to make people work when they look at my photos!

    Yes, I suppose it would have some stories. Some of which might involved soft-boiled eggs!

    I’m terribly sentimental, so I do appreciate having heirlooms.

    Egg cups are cool, aren’t they? They are so very specific in function.

    Mrs. Mecomber-
    Well, at least the chipping gave me an excuse to share the photo. (And happily, most of the pieces aren’t so chipped.)

    Thanks. They are unusual colors, aren’t they.

    I’m glad you like them, too. And yeah, you don’t see too many egg cups around these days. They certainly aren’t standard for a china pattern!

    My grandmother’s china cabinet was a thing of wonders. There were various pink and feminine things as well as bolder items. (I’d love to see your great grandmother’s china pattern.)(And thanks for the reminder about the button. I’m in denial about how soon the month is ending…)

    Thanks! It is quite intricate.

  3. My mother has egg cups. New ones, I mean. We didn’t have them while I was growing up, but last time I took the kids to visit her (she lives on the opposite coast from me) she served them hard-boiled eggs in the cutest cups — one looking like humpty dumpty and one like a hen.

    And that was how I learned about the existence of egg cups. We’re so gauche, our generation, aren’t we? : )

  4. My mom used to give us soft boiled eggs for breakfast in eggs cups. I might not have gagged quite as much if they had been in ones like yours. But probably I would have.

  5. Becky-
    I expect that some of the stories would be fairly dull, though. Like “and then I was dropped.”

    Thanks. I was glad to have an excuse to share it!

    So I made you work to find the chip, too, then?

    Thanks! I’m glad you liked it.

    My sister sometimes eats soft boiled eggs. I can’t remember what she eats them from. (I think from a teacup, though.)


    That’s pretty cool that your mother has new egg cups. They are probably pretty hard to find.

    I remember eating (and liking) soft boiled eggs as a kid, but never from such fancy cups. I’m not sure I could eat them any more, fancy cups or no.

    I’m a sentimental fool, so lots of heirlooms have come my way. It can certainly lead to storage space problems.

  6. What a wonderful treasure to have your grandmothers china. It is nice despite the chips. I have some old egg cups too, and can’t imagine using them. Might have to have a special brunch just to use them. Thanks for visiting my photohunt this week. Nice to meet you. Cute little ones you have.

  7. By the time my alcoholic great-aunt died, all that was left of my great-grandmother’s china was four pitiful plates. Over the course of two years, my mother and I put together a complete set! Off eBay! The dining room table ROCKS come Thanksgiving.

  8. Dawn-
    I hadn’t really thought much about actually using the egg cups either. But perhaps I will some time. Thanks for coming by here, too!

    You know, I haven’t thought about adding to the collection. Right now, I’m trying to pare down my belongings, if anything. But who knows. Maybe some day.

    Ah, yes. “Pre-loved.” Or “gently trashed.”

    Easy Dessert-
    Thanks, and thanks for stopping by. Nice to meet you. Do your friends call you Easy?

    Nice of you to drop by! That’s pretty cool that you and your mother were able to rebuild your great grandmother’s set. I love the look of a formally set holiday table, myself.

    Yeah, I think I like the chips and cracks, too. Character, and all that.

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