moo too

Before my other cow posts get too far behind me, I had another cow I wanted to post:

I painted this cow for a painting class I was taking a few years ago. The instructor had recently seen Cow Parade in Chicago, and was inspired to ask us all to paint cows one week.

This was one of the cows I painted. (I painted two others in very different styles, too. I used to sometimes go mad with the painting. I’d share them, too, but haven’t manage to track them down. Our house sometimes swallows things.)

7 thoughts on “moo too

  1. Mary-
    I actually borrowed my palette from Dali. (I figured he wasn’t using it anymore.) Several of the other elements are also borrowed from him, so I called this my Dali cow.

    Painted, flutter-

  2. Oh man! I hurried over here to comment on your GORGEOUS new profile pic (geez, lady, you are beeyooteefull!) and now I find out you’re also a brilliant artist?! The cows are beemooteefull.

    Do your talents know no end?

  3. Kyla-
    Those seem like cool things to collect!

    My talents know ends. I just avoid posting my spectacular failures. As the for the photo…thanks! I don’t tend to look like that most days, so it makes me a wee bit embarrassed. (This coming from a woman who unabashedly has a fish on her head on her about page.) However, I’m doing a little experiment with it about traffic patterns.

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