gather round the table

I’m pleased as punch that Holly and I will be hosting the ongoing Just Posts roundtable, an affair passed on to us by hostesses extraordinaire jen, Mad and Su.
canterbury tales roundtable
Our first gathering is coming up on Tuesday, February 10th, and you are invited. We’ll be serving up posts from around the blogosphere on topics of social justice and activism, and raise our glasses to the cause of making the world a better place.

We’d love to have you join us at the table. Help us offer a scrumptious menu by nominating posts from January that you have read (or written) by this Saturday, and then come back on Tuesday to partake of the feast.

For details on how and what, please check out the appetizing new Just Posts info page.

Round table woodcut image is from “William Caxton’s second edition of the Canterbury Tales printed in 1483.”

6 thoughts on “gather round the table

  1. Can I just say how impressed I am that you have a Just Post page! You guys rock.

    I just posted a reminder on my site too–in the usual tacked onto the end of a post way that I have of doing things.

  2. Mad-
    Holly has one up, too! Actually, she had hers up first, and wrote most of the text. I just made more noise about it in my post than she did in hers.
    Thanks for putting up the reminder on your site, too. Your support is greatly appreciated, especially as we get going!

    Yes, you are certainly invited! As for the round table image, it’s public domain, so use it as you wish. (At your prompting I’ve put up a bit more info about it.)

    Thank *you* again! We thought info pages would be useful since folks who visit our pages won’t necessarily have been around to witness the history.

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