let them eat cake

Phoebe turns 3 this weekend. I can hardly believe it myself.

We’re going to have a birthday party for her. This will be the first one we’ve had. (We did have some folks over around the time of her first birthday, but it wasn’t so much a birthday party.) Because our lives (and our home) are in a constant state of chaos, we are opting to have the party not at home.

I actually really like planning parties. I really want to get into this, but realize that I just don’t have the time to do all the things I’d like to do. Much like other things in my life. I mean, if I can swing 2 showers in a week, I feel like I’m doing well. I haven’t gotten my hair cut in over a year. I’m behind in work stuff. Home stuff. Other stuff. Did you know that I had a baby a few months ago? Yeah? You knew? Well, some of my relatives may not. Because I have yet to send out birth announcements. And don’t even ask me about the thank you notes I need to write.

Anyhow, I’m trying to figure out what I can pull together before the party, which is on Sunday. Because of my fondness for the cephalopods and other sea beasts, I had this thought to do a sealife-themed thing. (This is also apparently also the ultimate theme for a birthday party for a 3-year-old, as evidenced by KC’s fabulous “Madness Under the Sea.”) I had this idea for a cool jellyfish craft, have visions of sea life party games, and have my heart set on doing some sort of stencilled octopus cake decoration. I love the idea of getting all crazy with decorations and food. But with the way my life goes, I’ll probably manage to dump out a bag of goldfish crackers and call it a theme. (We’re ordering pizza…if I get it with anchovies, will that make it sea-life themed? Should I see if I can get clam flavored soda? And what about dried squid snacks? Aren’t they always a hit with the toddler set?)

Meanwhile, I need to find more time to get some work done. Because they’re not paying me to daydream about cupcakes.

14 thoughts on “let them eat cake

  1. Hey! Our girls share the same birthday (do I say this every year?)! KayTar will be 4 on Sunday, I can’t believe it. We’re doing a small party at my mom’s house on Saturday…family, cousins, and one of her little friends (maybe 2 more, but they didn’t RSVP yet). The theme is princesses, the food will be peanut-free, and I’m pretty sure there won’t be any crafts. I’m not gifted in that area. LOL.

  2. Hi Alejna —

    Am not a fan of jellyfish due to having been badly stung by one on my 9th birthday. However, if you’re into those creatures, would like to suggest you head over to my blog — in particular, the entry entitled “Ponyo, Ponyo, Ponyo” (in honor of Master Hayao Miyazaki’s latest) to look at a photo with jellyfish decorations in it! ;)

  3. we did an underwater theme for MQs 2nd b-day, because we could borrow all the decorations from our church (which had just done an underwater VBS) Plus, I love sharks, so it worked perfectly. It was a waterplay party in the backyard, and it was a smash

  4. Happy early birthday to Phoebe! Little kids’ birthday parties are always so wonderful and bizarre and fun. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who’s behind in stuff, but I hope you get back in front of yours soon … or at least in relative control.

    And why aren’t they paying you to daydream about cupcakes? I mean really.

  5. If you make a flat sheet of Jello and have fish cookie cutters, they will have a ball with that. Good luck! And in my experience, three year olds love whatever you do. It’s when they get older that they do comparisons (SHE had a princess cake!) Sigh.

  6. Mary G has a great idea! You could also freeze some Swedish fish gummies INSIDE the jello. That way it would look like the Jello fish ate the Swedish fish!!! How awesome would that be?

  7. Yes! The Under-the-Sea theme lives on! We (I) had such a blast…can’t wait to hear all about it. Although, maybe not the clam soda.

    Happy Birthday, Phoebe!!!

  8. Kyla-
    I think I was the one who said it last year! Maybe we can alternate.
    Small party sounds good. As does having it at someone else’s house.

    I did see that! (I’ve been having trouble managing to leave comments lately, though.) It does look really cool. (Sorry about the childhood jellyfish trauma, though. I just think they’re pretty.)

    That sounds like fun. We won’t be having outdoor playing with water here. Unless someone starts a snowball fight.

    Maybe I should talk to my bosses about working cupcakes into our research agenda.

    The jello idea sounds like fun, though I admit that I don’t do gelatin. I do have some seaweed-based stuff, but I don’t think it would stand up as well to cookie cutter cutting.
    What’s funny is that I realize that this may be the last time I get free reign in picking a theme for Phoebe’s party, which makes me want to get into it more. I realize that this is silly.

    That is a very cool idea, the fish inside the fish.

    What about squidshakes?

    The whole weekend, naturally. Actually, she’ll think it’s the whole upcoming month, seeing as we’ll be having separate celebrations with John’s family, and then with mine. (Oh, fine, the actual birthday’s on Sunday.)
    Happy almost birthday to you!

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