just a bit delayed

Having mentioned that we’ll be aiming to put up the Just Posts on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, rather than on the 10th, it turns out that today (being that 2nd Tuesday) won’t quite work this month. My internet connection was out all day yesterday, and only just got fixed early this afternoon. (I did manage to sponge off a weak wireless signal from a neighbor to go online a wee bit, but the connection was painfully slow, and dropped out more often than not.) In any case, I am now back online. With a faster connection than before, even. Hurray!

Anyhow, the March Just Posts will be up on the 10th! This means there is still time for you to send in nominations. So please do!

The Just Posts are a monthly roundtable of posts on topics of social justice and activism. For more information, including how and where to send your nominations, please check out the Just Posts info page.

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