file under d for distraction

Yes, I admit it. This post is an attempt to distract you from the recent utter lack of content here. But look! A baby!

File under c for cute. Or would that be b for baby?

I brought Theo into work for a meeting. Here we are in the little library of the lab where I work.

Theo, Mommy, and lots of old issues of JASA.

As you can see, having a baby along with me can sometimes be a distraction from work.

In related news, I’ve made some progress towards starting Theo in daycare. He starts Tuesday. I’m still trying to process that information. (And maybe file it. Under p for progress? Or maybe p for pants. Just because.)

7 thoughts on “file under d for distraction

  1. Oh, a baby can definitely be a distraction from work! And a welcome one, at that. I’m always happy to leave my desk so I can hold someone’s baby and coo over him or her. Happily, we have a regular supply of babies to coo over!

  2. How about filing that under P for Potential Torrent of Tears when you drop him off the first time?

    Or would that be filed under T for Torrent>Tears> Potential?

    Such a good Momma. :0)

  3. i’m all for taking the tots to work. on occasion my mom apparently took me to the psych classes she taught. according to her, i ate chalk dust and grossed out her students.

  4. girlgriot-
    I think I’m ready not to be distracted by my own baby at work. At least for a few hours a week. But I’m sure I’d enjoy being distracted by someone else’s.

    City Girl-
    Or perhaps p for panic, which is a bit of what I feel.

    He is certainly not a scrawny baby.

    I must admit that I agree with you.

    Wow, I can’t imagine teaching with a kid tagging along. Well, I can imagine it. It just stresses me out. Though with powerpoint presentations, there’s a much lower risk of kids eating chalk dust. But they might chew on a power cable.

    Yes! I always enjoy seeing pictures.

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