pictures of purple produce (PhotoHunt)

A selection of eggplants, along with some zucchini and bok choi.
A selection of eggplants, along with some zucchini and bok choi.

A couple of summers ago I participated in a CSA: I paid money to a local farm and each week I got a big selection of marvelously fresh and tasty vegetables grown there on the farm. In addition to scoring the satisfying feeling of supporting a small farmer in her efforts to grow sustainably, I got some pretty amazing produce. Many, many greens. But there were some purples, too. I don’t have any photos of the kohlrabi I got, though it was quite strikingly purple. (Also freaky looking.) Nor did manage to get any striking photos of deep purple beets. (Not even the ones that sprouted fur and came to life in my refrigerator.)

seahorse_eggplant seahorseHowever, I did get some photos of some colorful eggplants, such as the one above, which came in a striking array of colors and shapes. In addition to the dark purple (which I’ve been known to call eggplant purple), there were some lighter, brighter purples, too. (Mind you, those round orange things in the photo above are actually a variety of eggplant call Turkish eggplants.) I was quite amused to select some especially odd-shaped eggplants, including one that looked like a coiled purple serpant, and another that looked strikingly like a seahorse.

I hope I’ll get back to doing the CSA deal again. Maybe next year, when more of the family will have teeth with which to chew vegetables. But for this year, I’m still going to make efforts to buy local produce and support small farms. I hope to be hitting up the farm stands and farmers markets frequently in the coming months. I’m also looking forward to family excursions to local farms and orchards to pick fruit. (Mmmm, blueberries…)

This week’s PhotoHunt theme is “purple.” For more pictures of purpleness, go pay a visit to tnchick.

12 thoughts on “pictures of purple produce (PhotoHunt)

  1. yep, I thought “seahorse” as soon as the picture came up in my reader. (Google reader, that is :) )

    I am probably too late to find a decent CSA in the entire state – I started a search in February, stopped because everything is about 45 minutes away, and haven’t decided what to do. Soon my decision will be made for me. (I did start a few seeds today, as something for the kids to do.)

  2. Am so jealous. Here in the country CSAs are few and far between as everyone pretty much does their own thing.

    However at the end of our street is a house that desperately needs to be condemned. If the city hauls it off, I would LOVE to start a neighborhood garden on that spot. Fresh veggies for everyone – what could be better?

    PS – Great images!

  3. my first thought on that eggplant is it’s a duck:) but when you point it out that it looks like a seahorse, i have to agree. I love eggplant especially if done as omelette.

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