The trouble with blithely promising to put out a month-long in-depth series of blog posts is that my life doesn’t always prioritize time for blogging in quite the same as my head. So, my Merry Merry Month of Metablogging series now clocks in at one post in 10 days. At this rate, I should manage to pull off a staggering 3 posts in the series by the end of the month.

Anyhow, life has been busy. Nothing too dramatic. More of the same. Work. Parenting. Chaotic house.¹

We also went down to the in-laws this weekend, for the first time since December. It’s not that big of a trip, but it still takes a lot of energy. Between time in the car, time spent dealing with little ones, and time spent socializing with the people we made the trip down for, I end up with pretty close to zero time for online activities. We got home at around 2:30 last night (or this morning, if you want to get technical), and I find myself feeling jetlagged, even though it was a car trip.

Now that the wee ones are sleeping, I have a bit of time to blog.² And there is a backlog of things to write. Again. I really want to do the Monday Mission for this week, which just sounds too tempting, so I’ll probably do that before doing things I actually should be doing.

Anyway, that’s where I am.


¹ There’s been some ongoing stuff relating to home repairs that has sucked up an inordinate amount of time and energy, too. I don’t even want to get into it here, because then it would be allotted more time and energy, and I’d rather have fun blogging than get riled up. I get riled up even thinking about how riled up I would get if I started blogging about it.

² Especially if I ignore the mess in the kitchen, the laundry, the remaining unpacking, the bills, the letters I owe, and the work I need to do for my job.

8 thoughts on “mmmm-hmm?

  1. I discovered long ago that meta-blogging takes time. We’re in no rush. Meta-blog when time and inclination permit.

    I do, however, want to see your take on this week’s Monday Mission. I had SOOOO much fun doing it and I know it’s the kind of Mission that will bring out your A game. (Not that you have a B game, mind you.)

  2. Yep, blogging is waaaaaaaay more time consuming than I ever imagined it would be when I started. You should take care of your what you need to, and we’ll all still be here for the merry, merry month and a half of metablogging. Or the merry, merry season of metablogging. Or the merry, merry year of metablogging.

    Sorry. I just really like the way “merry merry metablogging sounds.”

  3. Notice how many more posts I’ve been able to slap together since I cut back on the hours spent at my *real* job?

    But you have babies (BAY-beeeees), who, because they are little slave drivers, do not allow for slack.

    So what can you do? You can only do what you can do. We’ll be here whenever you get a chance to sign on. :o)

  4. maja-
    It’s terribly troublesome.

    I’ve got a MM post in the works, but I think it will have to wait till later in the week since the Just Posts are due up today. (Happily, my calendar is squishy, and allows bizare days of the week distortions.)

    I’m glad you enjoy the sound of “merry merry metablogging,” too. My abuse of alliteration knows no bounds.

    Yes, those babies are tough bosses. You should hear them when they catch me trying to goof off on my computer when I’m on the job.

  5. We’ve had the house chaos, too. Does it ever stop? We take care of one thing and BAM, three more things are queued up.

  6. It really annoys the crap out of me when work and chores get in the way of blogging. I need a maid, nanny, chef and gardener so that I can sustain a more robust online life (seriously!)

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