a metaphorical filled pause (and a cute baby)

Ok, so I don’t have time to write tonight. I have lots of work to do, and am seriously sleep-deprived to boot. So I’m using this post to signal an expected delay. Think of it as an um.

But to distract you from my lack of writing, I feel compelled to show off this picture of Phoebe that I took at my sister‘s house, and that John cleaned up for me:


Also, please note that Phoebe is wearing a hat. I tell you this as an excuse to share with you that Phoebe can now say [hætʰ]. And I finally posted a bit to the Phoebe Blog about her latest verbal accompishments. Ah, the perils she’ll face of having a geeky linguist for a mother. (I’ve already been chasing her around with a microphone. But she tends to clam up when I try to interview her. I may have to resort to bugging her crib. Catch every word she says to her dolly and stuffed puppy dog.)

6 thoughts on “a metaphorical filled pause (and a cute baby)

  1. jen-
    I’m happy to offer distraction. Hey, what’s that over there?

    Thank you! However, if by “scrumptious” you mean “delicious,” I feel that I must point out, as John has mentioned before, that while Phoebe is incredible, she is not actually edible.

    Yes, it can be hard to share.

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