summer skies



We had a wedding to go to up in New Hampshire this weekend, and Phoebe got to be a flower girl. It was a fun trip, if largely hectic with various functions and family commitments. I’d write more about the weekend, but I’ve got some work to catch up on. I actually didn’t even bring my laptop on the trip with us, knowing how tight our schedule (and cargo space) would be.

On Sunday, one of John’s cousins invited us up to spend a bit of time with her family at a beach in Maine. So we headed up there after checking out of the hotel, and attending the last of the wedding-related gatherings.

The setting was gorgeous, and the weather was perfect.

This “summer” has been one of the coldest, rainiest ones I can remember, so it was a real treat to have warm sunshine this weekend. Now we’re back to chilly rain and thunder, the afternoon sky so dark outside the window that it makes me feel like climbing into bed. As I sit here hunched over my laptop trying to do work, I find it hard to tear myself away from the photos that tell a different story about these days of summer.

p.s. I forgot to mention that it’s time for the Just Posts once more. If you have read or written posts on topics of social justice, send ’em in!

8 thoughts on “summer skies

  1. Both great photos, and of course, nobody can disagree with your comments on the weather this summer! The weekend *was* gorgeous though.

  2. The photos aren’t coming up for me, but I think I saw them on FB.

    Our summer has been so mind-meltingly hot that I can’t imagine it being cold or rainy anywhere. It has been above 110 for WEEKS. I’d gladly lend you some heat.

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