utensils (PhotoHunt)





This week’s PhotoHunt theme is untensils. With my history of utensil-themed posts¹, how could I resist sticking my fork into this one?²

For more people’s interpretations of the theme, go visit tnchick.com.


¹ My utensil drawer includes photos of spoons, a list of forks and spoons, a list of knives, a utensil quiz (along with photos of giant utensil sculptures). Plus you can find “runs with spoons” and “It’s a Wonderful Knife.”

² Or in this case, my measuring spoons and potato masher.

18 thoughts on “utensils (PhotoHunt)

  1. Are the potatoes done? I love mine with extra gravy please!!!

    My photos are posted. See if you can find the ‘eight’ implements I used. If you can find time sometime today to stop by….

    Happy Saturday.

  2. az-
    Thanks! And thanks for the reminder about this week’s theme. (I saw your post, and realized this was one I wanted to do. But I shamefully haven’t yet left you a comment!)

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Apparently I have a thing for utensils. Who knew?

    luna miranda-
    Indeed I did have fun. I could have posted lots more!

    I was keeping up with it quite well for a while, then life started getting in the way of my blogging in general.

    Thanks! I’m using a new camera. It was a late birthday present.

    Thanks! The lighting is thanks to John, really. He leant me his equipment and know-how. It’s using a light box John made out of a cardboard box and some wax paper, lit from above by a slave flash up on a stand. It’s a setup I hope to play with lots, since it works so well for macros.

    Thanks! I like that one, too. It reminds me of a sine wave.

    Hootin’ Anni-
    I’m afraid I was too busy photographing the masher to make the potatoes. I could offer you a bowl of cereal instead…

  3. Cool! I’d do mine, but I’m going to use it for a cookie contest in few weeks and don’t want to give anyone a head start. It’s a funky looking thing, too.

  4. What a cool idea! Great photos too. I’ll have to watch out for this so that I can play too. :-)

  5. Excellent photos … so Williams-Sonoma! I just bought a set of measuring spoons like the ones pictured here, which means I can finally throw out both the cheap-and-never-satisfying plastic ones and the edges-so-sharp-they-always-cut-me metal ones!

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