the little bird wants YOU!

…to send in nominations for the Just Posts.


Hey there, friends!

It’s the end of the month, and Holly (of Cold Spaghetti) and I are looking to put together the July Just Posts roundup. Each month, we put together a list of excellent posts on topics of social justice collected from around the blogosphere.

Holly and I count on readers like you (yes, I’m talking to you) to read and comment and send us your nominations. We deeply appreciate all nominations that you pass along to us, and welcome those new to the Just Posts to participate by sending in a link (or several) for posts they have read (or written) that speak to the goal of making the world a better place. Help us keep the Just Posts going!

So, send us your nominations.

Or the little bird gets it.

You can email nominations to me at alejna99 at gmail dot com. For more on the Just Posts, check out the info page! You can also visit last month’s list.

2 thoughts on “the little bird wants YOU!

  1. Ack! I know I’ve seen a post or two that would suit, but now I have no idea where. I must remember to send them your way at the time of reading.

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