the sound of music in my pants

    My pants are alive
    with the sound of music…

While my pants were off galavanting about Spain, without an iPod in my pocket, the lovely and talented Rima tagged my pants for a meme. A pants meme.

The ensuing weeks of painstaking research (thankfully not pantstaining research), and the reunion of my iPod and my pants, have resulted in the following playlist of pants:

  1. Photographic in my pants–(Depeche Mode. Seriously old school Depeche Mode.)
  2. Shiawase (Happiness) in my pants– Puffy AmiYumi
  3. Anchor in my pants–Trespassers William
  4. Under the Milky Way in my pants–The Church
  5. Crash in my pants–The Primitives
  6. Chains of Love in my pants–Erasure
  7. Trampoline in my pants–Calamine
  8. Pilgrimage in my pants–Nine Inch Nails
  9. Nutshell in my pants–Alice in Chains
  10. Bizare Love Triangle in my pants–New Order
  11. Pianos and Clocks in my pants–Aztec Camera
  12. Protection in my pants–Massive Attack
  13. The Ramblings of a Mad Man in my Pants–FSOL
  14. Welcome to the Fold in my pants–Filter
  15. Overflow in my pants–O Positive
  16. Radio Silence in my pants–Thomas Dolby
  17. The Postcard in my pants–Boris Grebenshikov
  18. Island in the Sun in my pants–Weezer
  19. Bamboleo in my pants–Gipsy Kings
  20. Psychobabble in my pants–Frou Frou
  21. Rockville in my pants–R.E.M.

And now I’m going to go all crazy with the tagging. I tag the pants of the last 10 blog-bearing people who left comments on my blog. (For those of you who left comments and don’t have blogs, why don’t you have blogs??) I’m also going to tag my friend jenny, just because I like to see what’s on her iPod.²

  1. Painted Maypole
  2. antropologa
  3. magpie
  4. Madame Meow
  5. Mary G
  6. Kyla
  7. Holly
  8. girlgriot
  9. azahar
  10. bon
  11. jenny

If you want to join in, the game is played thusly: set your iPod to shuffle, and make a note of the songs that come up. Append the phrase “in my pants.” As many songs as you choose. If you have no iPod, come up with a list of songs of your choosing. If you have no pants, you may want to append instead the phrase “without pants.” Or you can write a 500-word essay discussing your current state of pantslessness.


¹ Note that the post title song is not on my iPod. But the song, along with “Do a Deer in my pants,” has been stuck in my head. Perhaps I’ll leave it to your imagination what has been stuck in my pants.

² And because I wanted to go all the way up to 11

³ Because otherwise I wouldn’t have a good segue to mention going through airport security with a cucumber in my pants.⁴

⁴ Well, not my pants.

30 thoughts on “the sound of music in my pants

  1. Wait! That came out much differently than intended. Because, um, I will be wearing sundresses and skirts and such … you know … not running around nekkid!

  2. This meme never ceases to amuse me, and you had some real winners. But I think my favorite was, “Welcome to the Fold In My Pants.”

    LOVE your musical tastes, BTW!!

    1. It’s good to know we are of the same mental age, Rima. But I think I knew that. Possibly we are of roughly the same chronological age, too, seeing as you like my taste in music.

      Thanks for tagging my pants!

  3. because i am totally lame and the only thing I’ve managed to put on the ipod on my iphone is Prince’s greatest hits I may have to just pick songs… but you know i’m up for some fun in my pants, so count me in (your pants?)

    i’m with rima, “welcome to the fold in my pants” was my favorite, too.

  4. That was really funny!

    Okay, I don’t have a blog, but I wanted to play too, so I’ll just post it here… though for the record, I almost never use my iPod itself (I don’t like how it disconnects me from my surroundings when I’m in public, which is of course the appeal for most people–but that’s a separate essay for my nonexistent blog). However, I have iTunes on my computer so I shuffled and got the following 10 songs…though I decided to cheat and append whichever seemed to fit better:

    Steal My Kisses without pants–Ben Harper
    Il Mio Nemico nei miei pantaloni (“My Enemy in my pants”)–unknown Italian artist
    I’m A Mess without pants–The Murmurs
    Berlin without pants–Toni Kater
    Bittersweet Symphony in my pants–The Verve
    Hora in my pants–Oi Va Voi
    Professional Widow in my pants–Tori Amos
    Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) in my pants–The Offspring [I didn’t even know I had that song]
    Prelude in my pants–George Winston
    Stanco E Perduto nei miei pantaloni (“Tired and lost in my pants”)–Vinicio Capossela

    Clearly I need more music, because I don’t think that was at all representative of what I usually listen to!

    1. Excellent, Sally! I did consider suggesting you non-bloggy commenters play along in the comments, but I decided I’d rather try to harrass you about your bloglessness instead. But I’m glad you’ve played along, even without having started a blog to do so. And I loved your flexibility on language as well as pants vs. panstlessness.

      I’m a mess without pants, too.

      1. However, I wondered whether it would’ve been better as “Stanco e Perduto senza pantaloni” (Tired and lost without pants), but that just sounded so pathetic I decided I kind of liked the idea of getting lost in one’s own pants.

  5. Is this a spin on the reading of fortune cookies, replacing ‘in bed’ with ‘in my pants’? In my pants does have a better ring to it.

    In my case, yeh, I’d have to go with ‘without pants’ or ‘in my underwear’ as pants have become a thing of the past around here.

    Several of your pants made me chuckle out loud (COL?)…okay, actually all of them now that I go back and reread. Pianos and Clocks in my pants…those would be some gigantor pants and quite noisy, I bet. Thanks. I’ll spend the day imagining you milling about with pianos and clocks stuffed down your pants. I hope the clocks are those noisy birds chirping or dogs barking on the hour.

    1. otc-
      Yes, it certainly does remind one of the fortune cookie tradition, doesn’t it? There’s a game I’ve been known to play, as well. (Though is it just me, or have fortune cookie fortunes gotten less interesting over the years? Even in bed.)

      I’m afraid that due to space constraints, I can only fit small clocks in my pants along with the pianos.

      1. Fortune cookies have become super lame, I agree.

        So, small clocks, eh? At the very least, go with the old fashioned wind-up ones with the jangly bells. Ooh, and with glow-in-the-dark numbers so the kids can find you in the dark.

        I really must stop thinking about pianos and clocks in your pants so close to bedtime.

    1. Ah, YTSL, but you certainly could have devised a means of making a list of songs. For that matter, I would have accepted a list of movie titles. In your pants.

    1. slouchy-
      I was actually the first person in my acquaintance to get one. It made a huge difference on my days of 4-hour commute. I guess now I mostly just use it in the car. (Of course, living in the boonies, we spend a fair amount of time in the car.)

  6. My kids lost interest in carving pumpkins and I’ll be damned if I’m going to be the only one with orange goo on my pants, so I thought I’d give this one a shot.

    Last Hobo in my pants
    The Wilderness in my pants
    Flying Machine in my pants
    Cow Planet in my pants
    Leatherwing Bat in my pants
    Say Hi to the Animals in my pants
    Happy Lemons in my Pants
    The Living End in my pants
    Glad Tidings in my pants
    Larry-Boy! in my pants
    Caravan in my pants
    Youth of Today in my pants
    Fix It Up in my pants
    Not Dark Yet in my pants
    I Got the Feelin’ in my pants

    I thought I should stop there, but I just had to hit forward one more time…

    Easy Wind in my pants.

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