a cow and a firefighter walked into a bar

Well, it wasn’t a bar. More of a community center. (I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere, though. Maybe involving a cow tipping.)

Phoebe is one cool looking fire fighter.
pa274826 2

And I defy you to find a cuter cow.
pa274829 2

(Theo may get to be a dalmatian on Saturday, but I haven’t gotten his costume together. I had this here cow on hand.)

21 thoughts on “a cow and a firefighter walked into a bar

  1. I love that Phoebe is dressed as a firefighter! Most girls that age seem to want to be princesses or fairies for Halloween. Go Phoebe!
    And Theo’s bovine cuteness would be difficult to top!

    1. Neil- An excellent question! I had considered dressing up as a fire, but not a fire truck.

      Actually, we thought about having Theo be a fire, but then realized it would look a bit much like a baby on fire. Which is a bit more disturbing than we’d like to go for.

    1. Thanks, Painted!

      As luck would have it, while looking at the second-hand kid (clothing) store for some plain white clothes to spot, I found an actual dalmatian costume. For $4.00. In the right size. Talk about easy and peasy.

      I bought it, and yet there’s a part of me that wants to make one myself, even though it would take more time and resources to do so.

  2. Glorious! That should be worth a lot of cooing and extra choc bars.
    And, yes, it is nice to avoid the princess thing. It may soon be necessary to replace ‘I’m seeing red’ with ‘I’m seeing pink with ruffles’.

    1. Thanks, Mary!

      I do wonder when the princess fetish is likely to appear. I think she could easily be steered that direction, but it’s so nice that she has a range of interests that aren’t stereotypical.

      (As for Theo, it’s clear that he can easily be steered. Or cowed. But I suppose steer would be more appropriate.)

  3. Too adorable. And, I know this is not the entry but CONGRATS on your ann’y. Funny, we also had a second wedding/celebration despite not being very religious. Great minds, I say.

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