web surfing: unclear on the concept

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Theo has yet to master the finer points of web surfing.

Yo, dudes! Can anyone tell me what happened to Google reader? At some point in the last few weeks, it stopped displaying blogs in folders, and I can’t make sense of the big jumble of unread posts that are accumulating. I keep popping over, realizing that it’s all a big mess, stabbing at a few unread posts, and then wandering off again. I think i may have to move along yet another feed reader, or revert to Safari. Is there some way to fix Google reader? What are other people using these days for a feed reader?


In other news, Holly and I are putting together the October Just Posts, which we’ll put up in a few days. (Possibly Friday.) If you read and/or wrote any posts on topics of social justice in the month of October, we’d love to include them in our roundtable. We need your help to keep the Just Posts alive!

Want to learn more? Check our the JP info pages here or there.

10 thoughts on “web surfing: unclear on the concept

  1. My folders still work fine in Google Reader. There is a “Show:” function in top right corner that can either be list or expanded. I’m thinking you’ve maybe hit list or maybe closed the side menu by accidentally tapping the little arrow on the left (about halfway down). Either (or both) of those things could have created the problem you’re describing. Hope you can fix it.

  2. Aha! Thank you for your suggestions. It turns out that Google added more stuff to the sidebar of my reader, pushing my “Subscriptions” section all the way down to the bottom of the window. With the default window size on my little laptop, there was no scroll bar visible, and the “expand” button did nothing. (Comme ci.) Once I minimized all the crap they added to my sidebar, the folders showed up once more. (Comme ça.)


    Now I just need to get caught up with the 300+ unread posts…

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