Here it is Thursday, and that means I’m due for a list of Themed Things. But the thing is, I’m tired. It’s been a long week, with a couple more busy days ahead, and well, my brain is fried. So I suppose I could come up with a list of fried things. But I have to say that is not a theme I can envision myself making a list about. So instead, I’ll make a list of things I can’t envision myself making lists about.

  • bricks
  • doorknobs
  • mold
  • tissues
  • ethernet cables
  • plungers
  • eyebrows
  • curtains
  • gall bladders
  • pocket lint

If you have any suggestions for other lists I shouldn’t write, please let me know.

8 thoughts on “listless

  1. maja-
    You are so right. I definitely will not do a gingivitis list.

    Good ones. (Or bad ones?) Though I don’t even know what clivia is…

    Yes, that’s the tricky bit. I write down something as not listworthy, and then I think, “well, maybe…”

    I suppose, then, that navel lint is right out. (And amazingly, I have gotten some sleep!)

  2. On “belly-lint”, a friend of mine in high school used to call it “fluff from your T-shirt”. Except he didn’t merely say this, he sang it, in a very high, operatic voice, to the tune of… I think it was Cape Fear or something. It went something like:

    FLUFF! from your TEE-Shirt!

    He often did this right in the middle of classes, out in the street, wherever and whenever he found such fluff.

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