musical scales (PhotoHunt)

The theme for this week’s PhotoHunt is “music.”

These are photos I took of a dragon at the folk music festival in Lowell, Massachusetts.

In case you’re wondering why the dragon is “musical” (aside from being at a music festival), take a closer look at the dragon’s scales.




For more people’s interpretative dances to this week’s PhotoHunt music, stop by tnchick.

11 thoughts on “musical scales (PhotoHunt)

  1. Oh, beautiful.

    Once upon a time, in our old apartment, we had a leak from the bathroom above, which, after the repairs, left a freshly plastered but unpainted spot on our ceiling. I convinced my husband to glue many old CDs on the ceiling – a silver cloud.

    [We glued them up with the printed surface up – mirror-y side down.]

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