a chance for pants

    Every time I have the chance
    While some may think it’s whack
    I’ll write a post involving pants

    Let the kitchen swarm with ants
    Leave the laundry on the rack
    Every time I have the chance

    I give my work a sideways glance
    I may catch a lot of flak
    I’ll write a post involving pants

    Humming lines from Safety Dance
    I’ll type away upon my Mac
    Every time I have the chance

    I’ll not read a bad romance
    Nor journal papers in their stack
    I’ll write a post involving pants

    Though others look at me askance
    I swear I’m not on crack
    Every time I have the chance
    I’ll write a post involving pants


These pants are dedicated, in loving memory, to my friend Elizabeth, whose claim that pants was the funniest word in the English language first introduced me to the humorous powers of pants. Your pants will never be forgotten, dear friend.

The form of this post is a villanelle, a style of poetry, and the assignment of today’s Monday Mission. Please pay a visit to Painted Maypole to see who else has chosen to accept this mission. Painted herself has told me that she has a poem up, also with the theme of pants. (Painted penned a poem of pants.)

Today also marks the third anniversary of this blog. It seemed only fitting that it should wear plenty of pants today.


12 thoughts on “a chance for pants

  1. Pantastic! I tried to write several other villanelles, and they all failed. Only the pants one worked. We were definately on the same wavelength.

    love the alliteration in Painted penned a poem of pants

    Happy Blogiversary!

  2. That’s hilarious. And it rhymes and it scans and it doesn’t cheat a bit. You rock, woman, in your pants. And happy 3rd anninversary! May there be many, many more.
    Must store askance in the mental active file for the next time I’m stuck with a k and no c.

  3. I am very sorry for your loss. Congratulations on the 3rd anniversary of your blog. This, the blog, may be the best tribute to your friend.

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