and furthermore

As luck would have it, this is a busy month for me work-wise. My research group is submitting things to two different conferences this month, plus we’ve been ramping up on some other aspects of our projects with impending deadlines. So this is perhaps not the ideal time for me to have committed to blogging every day for a month. And yet somehow, the compulsions compels.

Further, I have further committed myself even further to furthering my blogging obsession: I have signed on to the Great Interview Experiment, the brainchild of Neil of Citizen of the Month. (Well, he claims it as his brainchild, but we have yet to see the results of the paternity test.)

In this project, bloggers sign up to interview one another by leaving a comment on the announcement post. Who interviews whom is determined by the order of the comments. It’s a fantabulous way to get to know some bloggers you might otherwise not meet. I get to interview Michèle of Voix de Michèle, and I am being interviewed by Becky/Ms. Batman of Welcome to My Life. I’m very excited about both interviews, so I need to get my act together and answer the questions.

And look! Here’s a cute baby!

8 thoughts on “and furthermore

  1. Well, even if you just posted a cute picture of one of your kids each day, your blog would still be worth a visit!

    Good luck with all that work and blogging!

    Incidentally, the pears are in the oven! However, I’m still not used to the convection oven, and I’m using Warren pears at varying degrees of softness (didn’t find Bartletts at the farmers market), so I’m not sure if they’ll turn out as yummy as yours sounded. On the other hand, the Warren pears are great raw, so it’s hard to believe they won’t taste good cooked.

    1. Aw, shucks, Sally. Thanks!

      I’ll be curious about the pears. I’m actually not even familiar with Warren pears. I tried Bosc pears once, but I think the ones I bought, at least, were inferior.

    1. I believe it’s a business card. He was networking.

      (Actually, I was looking for something fairly iconic for interviewing, but came up dry. And it was getting close to midnight.)

  2. I signed up for The Great Interview Experiment, too, which is very unlike me because I usually like to keep my head deep inside my turtle shell at all times. And also I commend you for keeping on with NaBloPoMo. I could NEVER do it.

    1. You could absolutely do NaBloPoMoNoNoNo, Rima. You just would have to give up on the standards of quality that you have. (But I bet you’d still be funny.)

      And I look forward to seeing your interviews. (What is inside that crunchy exterior?)

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