Okay, so I guess this will have to do for the post mortem of my efforts at posting daily for the month of November (i.e. my annual NaBloPoMoPoMo.).

While I’m not exactly sorry that I participated in NaBloPoMo again this year, I was a bit disappointed not to have written more posts that I had been wanting to write. I had hoped, for example, to get through some more photos and stories and such from our September Spain trip. I did manage one such post (Sevilla Tapas tour). But believe me, I have many more photos to share.

I did manage a few other posts that I was pleased with. In all, I guess I feel that there were 10 or 12 worthwhile posts from the month. (Now with over 60% filler!) But considering that lately I’ve barely managed that many posts in a month at all, at least the endeavor got me posting again. And while I didn’t manage to really write much in the way of substance, I did put together some posts that were a lot of fun (for me), and what’s more, I did come up with a few pretty kick-ass post titles (if I do say so myself).

Here are some of the highlights (at least for me) of the month:

I did also put up the The October Just Posts, which is always worthwhile, if not actually “fun.” (Which reminds me–it’s time to send in nominations!)

Plus, I participated in Neil’s Great Interview Experiment, which was a lot of fun. I got to interview Michèle of Voix de Michèle, a wonderfully entertaining blogger. (Here’s that post.) I also got to be interviewed by Becky of Welcome to My Life, for which Becky devised this brilliant post title:

I was really happy to meet both of these bloggers. And while I didn’t meet nearly as many bloggers through NaBloPoMo this year as I did the year I started the Ministry of Silly Blogs (check out the crazy-long list I put together last year), I did get to make one other new blog friend (submom of Absence of Alternatives) through the NaBloPoMo site.

One last thing: I totally took advantage of the WordPress post by email feature. I find it’s much faster to compose posts in my Mail application, especially with links and photos, than to do so in my browser. If I hadn’t been using this, I don’t think I could have managed to post as often as I did.

Also, I’m still behind in my blog reading from the month, especially for those other bloggers who participated in NaBloPoMo. So if you see me pop by with a comment on a 3-week-old post, that’s why.

Oh, and one more last thing: Here’s a photo of Phoebe riding a blue dinosaur. Just because.

14 thoughts on “NaBloPoMoFaSoLaTiDo

    1. Hey, az-
      I hope to! Yesterday was actually the first day that I’ve missed this month. So while I won’t manage daily posts, I’ll hopefully at least get a post up every couple of days.

  1. I was just thinking how sorry I was that November is over because it will almost certainly mean fewer posts on your blog.

    I especially loved the pants- and bread-related posts, and the beautiful photos. And the acrostic. Oh, and the titles… Um, actually, I guess I liked all the ones you listed as favorites, plus some of the others too, including the tapas tour.

    In spite of the blue dinosaur, Phoebe looks surprisingly grown-up in this picture.

    1. Aw, shucks, Sally. You say the nicest things. I’m glad you enjoyed my posts this month.

      And yeah, Phoebe sometimes looks so old in photos. Sometimes I look at her and think how big she is, especially compared to Theo. And then I see her standing next to older kids, and I realize she’s still pretty young!

  2. A stellar effort, and there are some marvellous posts in there – I especially liked the Frig letter. Only I still am sure that it was my frig that wrote it — or my frig’s twin.
    Love everything you do.

    1. Aw, Mary, you say such nice things, too! I love your blog, too.

      As for your frig, it has been in contact with mine, and will be sending you their standard form letter shortly.

  3. Your November was chock-full-o-excellent posts! I loved all the photos and the bread and pants. I think “Hellfire and Dalmation” may just be the best post title ever.

    1. Thanks, girlgriot! I’m glad you enjoyed my photos and bread and pants, because the months was sure full of them.

      And “Hellfire and Dalmatian” will surely be hard to top as titles, go.

  4. I think you are too harsh on yourself. I came upon your blog during the month of November and I was impressed by the wit, humor and heart (sorry: failed attempt at alliteration…) that’s why I became a loyal reader. I remember the title of The Swine Flew made me chuckle. How I puzzled over the “11” photo game. Trying to add more movies to your Remember Remember list but failed (as usual). And absolutely LOL @ your letter to the fridge. Still a uber clever idea in my book. I do confess that I need to take some time out to read your monthly Just Posts feature. Anyway, a long roundabout way to tell you why your blog is yet another reason I wish I had more than 24 hours a day, or the kids could just feed themselves…
    p.s. Thanks for the kind mention. The feeling is mutual.

  5. Thanks, submom! While I didn’t realize I was being harsh on myself, it had this unanticipated benefit of some lovely ego-boosting comments. Woohoo! Thanks for the particularly great compliment.

    I did actually quite like many of the posts from the month, too, but I guess I let myself be bothered by the posts in my head that I didn’t write.

    As for the Just Posts, please do have a look! I took them on almost a year ago after the founders “retired.” I had grand plans to publicize and such, but I haven’t done them justice. And sadly, the posts don’t get much traffic or as much participation as I think the endeavor deserves.

  6. Alejna, maybe just keeping the JPs alive is your mission (and Holly’s), and eventually the moment for them to gain prominence will occur. Have faith!

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