tantalizing Tikoli tea towels

What with the season coming up for giving gifts, I’d like to direct your attention to these ever-so-cool tea towels from Tikoli:

Aren’t they beautiful? Aren’t the designs eye-catching?

Do you want to know something even cooler about them? They were designed by my sister.

And you know what else? There’s a drawing going on right now over at Design Milk where you can win a set of 6 of them. To be entered, you just need to leave a comment on the Tikoli Tea Towels Giveaway post by the end of tomorrow (December 4th).

And in case you miss the drawing, or you don’t happen to win, Tikoli tea towels are available from various retailers, or from the Tikoli online store.

While I’m at it, I’m going to repost some stuff I wrote last time I shamelessly promoted my sister.

You can feel good about yourself for buying Tikoli tea towels because:

  • using cloth towels instead of paper towels reduces waste
  • buying them supports a small business owner
    • what’s more, the business owner is a woman
    • and that woman is also a mother of 2 small children
    • and a very cool individual
  • the tea towels are lightweight, so their shipping impact is relatively small
  • they come with minimal packaging

Tikoli tea towels make good gifts because:

  • they are functional and durable
  • They are low-priced, so that you can easily give 2 or 3 of different designs
  • they are compact and easy to wrap (or you can get them wrapped)
  • they are gorgeous

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