Let it mold.

Oh the veggies in there are frightful,
And takeout’s so delightful
And since the leftover soup’s too old
Let it mold, let it mold, let it mold.

Since the fridge door last was closing
The food’s been decomposing.
That old tuna salad’s growing bold
Let it mold, let it mold, let it mold.

When we finally face the blight
How I’ll try very hard not to gag
But if we hold our noses night
We can load up a hazmat bag.

The eggs have all gone rotten
And the tofu’s best forgotten
But as long takeout’s still sold
Let it mold, let it mold, let it mold.

This was a Monday Mission, which called for re-written holiday songs. For potentially less toxic songs, pay a visit to Painted Maypole.

14 thoughts on “Let it mold.

  1. Excellent! and… as usual… too much like something i could have written, were I as clever as you. This moldy fridge thing seems to be a new theme for you. I did consider writing some Christmas pants song. Well, the week is still young.

  2. LOL. I hummed along as I read that – very clever!

    ……didn’t you just clean out the fridge? You wrote it a letter and everything. Man, food goes bad quickly in your house!

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