a totally private email to WordPress about “post by email”

Dear WordPress,

I really like your “post by emailfeature. It’s so cool, in that it lets me compose emails offline in my favorite mail application. I love the ease of formatting. I’ve found that including images in a post is actually much easier. It’s really great. I use it all the time now.

And I really like that you can send a post to the drafts folder rather than publishing it right away. I often like to do a bit of editing to a post and see a preview of it before I publish. You’ve made this so easy–I just need to include a bit of shortcode. That is teh awesomeness.

But you know what would be even awesomer? Even more full of teh awesomeness? Having the default be to send emailed posts to the drafts folder. Because you know what I discovered? You can accidentally post an email as a blog post. Especially if you are up late at night sending out lots of emails, and not paying quite enough attention to the autofill function of the address bar of your mail application. I’m speaking totally hypothetically, of course.

No, wait. I’m not.

Because even though it’s swell that you can easily type the “status draft” shortcode into any post that you email, people may not consider including that text in every freakin’ email they ever compose on the off chance it might accidentally get published on the freakin’ web.

So, please consider having some sort of “publish immediately” shortcode instead of the “status draft” shortcode, and make the default status for posts by email be “draft.” And save bleary-eyed people like me from the potential embarrassment of accidentally publishing personal emails like this one on the web.



p.s. You looked totally HAWT the other night in that skimpy thing you were wearing.

p.p.s. Don’t tell my husband I said that, because he’d be sooo jealous.

4 thoughts on “a totally private email to WordPress about “post by email”

  1. Often I am a tiny bit jealous of the pretty that wordpress and typepad can do – but blogger has the post by email thing and you can set it so all posts go to draft or all get posted…

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