no foolin’

Here are a few assorted bits of things that are going on with me:

  • I’ve had a temperature over 101 for most of the day.
  • As such, I’ve been pretty incoherent.
  • The sun finally came out today after days of rain.
  • We’ve had various rivers running through our yard.
  • We haven’t had flooding in our basement due to the rain
  • Though we have had some due to our dishwasher.
  • I’ve finally gone over to the dark side an joined Twitter.
  • (As threatened one year ago today.)
  • This time I’m not kidding.
  • I still plan to treat it all as a big joke.

Why, yes, that is a banana in my pocket.

8 thoughts on “no foolin’

  1. Wait, are you seriously sick AGAIN? Didn’t you say a couple of weeks ago that you had been ill more days than you’d been healthy in 2010?

    I hope you get back to tip top shape in no time, and that this is your LAST illness this year.

  2. I am so sorry that you are having a fever! I hope you get well soon so you can enjoy the sunny days (finally! Was in Boston this week when it rained…) Drink lots of water!! I like that banana. What do you mean by being coherent or not? That’s how I talk all the time!

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