I have nothing clever to say at this time

You know, I hate it when I go a long time without really posting. I feel this sort of weird pressure that whatever I post after a lull should somehow sparkle. Be…worthwhile. So I end up thinking a lot about posts I’d like to write, things I’ve been composing in my head for ages. But by the end of the day, when I have a chance to sit down, I’m just tired. I don’t feel like I have sufficient time and energy to write something that I want to write. I might get part way through a draft of a post, and then give up and go to bed. So, once again, I’m writing something utterly dull.

11 thoughts on “I have nothing clever to say at this time

  1. “I feel this sort of weird pressure that whatever I post after a lull should somehow sparkle. Be…worthwhile.”

    I’ve been posting every day on my blog for a couple of years or more and it does remove the pressure of feeling one’s posts should be Meaningful. It’s just my place, my online scrapbook, and is full of odds & ends that appeal to me in some way.

    Did you feel less “pressured to sparkle” when you were doing the month-long blogging every day thing?

    1. I suppose with the pressure to post daily, I felt less pressure for the posts to actually be individually good. (And quite often they weren’t!) I sometimes think I’d like to get back to more frequent posting, but I feel guilty about putting time and energy into blogging when I should find time and energy to put into my degree. (So as a result, I seem to not do much of anything.)

  2. All that content warning needs is a few wee little sparkles and BAM, you’re all finished, because boy, I really howled.

    I also remembered Happy Fun Ball from SNL from a jillionty years ago, so thank you for that.

  3. Despite your “lack” of content, you still manage to get us to feel something. Contentment. Happiness. Empathy. I understand exactly what you’re talking about. Often one’s mind is a reservoir of fantastic content, but one lacks the energy to open the gates. I’m pooped 90% of the time.

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